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Fanchromatic Nails – Faithful Gardener

I know, I know, I promise to stop spamming you with swatches soon… like, maybe at the end of the month, if you’re lucky !

This is another polish I have been wanting to show you for a long time. I’ll say it right now, I love it. Like, lots!

Faithful Gardener by Fanchromatic Nails is a medium-brown gelly full of gorgeous green matte glitter. Check out the shop on Etsy – you won’t regret it – but your wallet might…

Application is a dream, and two generous coats gave me an opaque, slightly matte finish

Fanchromatic Nails - Faithful Gardener no topcoat


The bottle brush is nothing special, but not bad either, smooth enough, and distributes the glitter nice and evenly. Plus, I just love the uniqueness of this polish ! I’m wearing a lot of green-toned make up recently, and this just looks perfect with it. I’m not sure if I prefer it, but it is very nice with a top coat too 🙂



And lookie ! The Boyfriend was kind enough to take a beautiful macro shot of the bottle for us ! You can see that green isn’t the only glitter colour in there, it’s deliciously complex with browns, shimmery bits (that’s a technical term, don’t laugh!) and even a hint of purple… What a stunner !

Fanchromatic Nails - Faithful Gardener

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Swatch – Barry M – Mushroom (NP 310)

Well, I don’t know about you, but having worn glittery nail polish for the last 6 weeks, I’m a bit fed up of (removing) it! So this week I’ve been wearing Barry M’s Mushroom. It’s a lovely neutral creme. Here’s the bottle :

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Swatch – Sephora – Retro Chic (L45)

Brown isn’t always an easy colour to find. But with all of the choice at Sephora, there were a couple that caught my eye.

This time it’s Retro Chic‘s turn to be swatched !

Retro Chic is a lovely rich, warm brown, but unfortunately separates a bit in the bottle. Here you can’t really see it, but there is a strange orangey liquid that floats about a bit. And is it just me or are smaller bottles harder to mix up again?

It dries – as is often the case – a bit darker than in the bottle (actually, a lot darker!) but goes on silky smooth, and just one coat is perfect ! So it dries fairly quickly too.

Overall a nice, staple brown that is easy to wear and quick to apply – very handy !

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Swatch – Sephora (Couleur Multi-Action) – Brownie (No 9)

This is an old range, still available in a few Sephora shops, but I’m under the impression that the Expert Manicure range has been brought in to replace this “multi-action colour” range.

I bought it a while ago in Brownie, as browns are one of those colours that I love to wear but can be hard to find. Brownie is a lovely deep, rich, chocolate brown (as you’d expect from the name) :

The new range has a lovely brush. This one really doesn’t !

The consistency was really gloopy, to be fair I have had this bottle a while, but as it has never been opened, I don’t think that should make much difference; especially for a premium range.

The colour is quite nice, and two coats is enough :


But after just one day, this colour was flaking off my nails; it also felt like it really dried them out, and I broke two nails! Since I have silks that I maintain regularly, I never usually break nails.

Needless to say, even though the colour is very pretty, I’m not touching this varnish again ! Thank goodness that the new range is better…


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