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The 2014 January Sales are Live!

I love January Sales!

So I’m very excited to announce that the Brijits Digits January Sale is live! All discounted stock is right here 🙂

I’m not doing progressive mark-downs – everything that is to be cleared is all listed, ready to go, and as low as it will go.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good – so please check it out!

2014 January Sales for blog

This means that some beautiful new stock will be coming in on the 1st February. If you would like a sneak preview, please sign up to the newsletter!

There will be one in French for my beautiful françaises, too 🙂

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Zoya Livingstone

Happy Monday!

Why do I always feel grouchy on a Monday? I blame that orange cat, haha (anyone know what I’m talking about?). I guess it’s not helped by the fact that I have a big work trip on Thursday and Friday, so this week is gonna be hard to get through. I just hope it goes quickly!

Anywhooo, I have a swatch for you today. I love red nails. Some people don’t like it so much on long nails like mine, but I love it even more when it’s vampy 🙂

Zoya Livingstone is the perfect, classic red. It’s super pigmented and goes on very smoothly, as I’ve come to expect from Zoya.

Zoya Livingstone-001 Continue reading

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