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Butter London Jaded Jack & tribal nail art stamping from MoYou-London

Happy Monday!

Who am I kidding? No-one likes Mondays unless they don’t work 🙂 Still, here in France, Monday is nearly over, and I must say, I’m pretty glad about that 😉 so here’s a totally non-work-appropriate nail polish for you (yeah, I’m such a rebel!)

Butter London Jaded Jack

I’m not sure that I could really explain why, but I do love lime green nail polish! Whether I’m pale or tanned, I just love how it looks on my skin tone. So I couldn’t resist Jaded Jack by Butter London! Colour-wise, it packs an amazing punch, but without quite being neon. Continue reading

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Guest Post from Bubbly Brunette

I feel incredibly lucky to know other bloggers who enjoy writing up guest posts, as it really helps me to post lots of variety !

Today’s guest post is from Chris at The Bubbly Brunette – she’s done some gorgeous nail art for us, I can’t thank her enough 🙂 I nominated her for a Versatile Award a while back, and I’m so glad to see her blog just getting better and better. I especially recommend her handy Dupe List for those of you out there with a few unobtainable lemmings…


Hi everyone! I’m Christina and I’m the bubbly brunette! I’ve been seeing a lot of animal print lately, so I decided to do some on my nails!


I started with a base of Fishnet Stockings by Essie. Then, I dotted on some splotches of Shifting Power by Essie. Using Revlon Knockout and a small brush  I outlined the gold with small C-shapes and added a few random dots.


This is my first time doing a leopard look, and I’m in love! I can’t wait to try this with other color combinations!


Thank you for featuring me, Brijit!

-Christina @ thebubblybrunette

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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 12 – Stripes

I do love dark nail polish, and I realised that I haven’t had a very dark mani in this challenge yet, so I grabbed one of my Christmas Box Sets that my boyfriend got me from Models Own and my Models Own Pro in black and got to work with the striping tape !

I’m so happy with how this one came out, though I did do it at the end of a long night, so admittedly was a bit slapdash – as my cuticles will confirm :

Day 12 - Stripes

The polishes all have a bit of a metallic sheen to them, and I just love how the flash brings that out :

Continue reading

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