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piCture pOlish – Brushes, Beige, PMT & Atomic

So the new piCture pOlish brushes arrived this week, they were good to their word !

Would you like to see? Well, I cleaned up one of the old ones I removed to show you the difference. The new one is shorter, but the stem is a little longer, so it still goes right to the bottom of the bottle.

Please excuse the dust – it only showed up once I blew the photo right up!

piCture pOlish brushes

So how does it perform? Well, the new one is smoother. The bristles have a flexibility that runs more consistently along them, which means it fans out really nicely. In comparison, the older, rounder one has bristles that don’t spread as evenly or predictably. On the brushes below, I held them both together, so the pressure on them should be about the same

piCture pOlish brushes-001

So I changed them all over, pretty messy for 11 bottles, so I’m glad I had some gloves handy 😉

Here’s the collection !

piCture pOlish - all my collection !


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piCture pOlish – Beige

This evening has gone very quickly !

Not as fast as Tuesday evening; I took 3 hours to get home from work. I could have taken a heck of a lot longer, but Mr D came and picked me up in town. Otherwise I could have faced a two-hour walk home! I usually take about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 to commute, so I really freaked out about that ! Luckily, yesterday was Labour Day in France, and I didn’t have to work, so I got some time at home in the end.

I have a quick swatch for you at the moment. I’m not feeling the pastels/neons just yet – it’s still mostly dreary weather in France, but I’m sick of my winter polish. So I’m really falling in love with the neutrals right now !

PiCture pOlish is a brand that most bloggers seem to know about, so I won’t go into great lengths, other than to say it’s pretty pricey and hard to find out here. Once again though, Pshiiit’s nail polish shop is my favourite way to get hold of this brand !


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Swatch – MUA (Make Up Academy) – Shade 21



When I went home to the UK for a visit recently, I couldn’t resist stocking up on Barry M !

While I was at it, I had a quick butcher’s at other brands available, and found some nice shade in MUA. I haven’t seen this brand on the shelves before, but it is very very cheap, so I thought “Why not?” and went for a pale beige (I am overdoing the neutrals right now !). They don’t name their shades, which is a shame, but this is number 21 :


It’s a shame to see some separation in the bottle, but this didn’t affect the application. Three coats was perfect, and it dried relatively fast, too. The finish was less shiny than normal but not quite matte, which a nice change, as there are so many shiny polishes out there.

I only had this on for a day, but it seems quite hardy – so this might be a budget brand worth checking out !


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Swatch – Mavala – Rose Dust (164)

Here’s a quick swatch post for a Thursday night – Mavala’s Rose Dust :


I love this colour, I’ve had it for a good few months, and even though I thinned it a couple of months ago, it’s really gloopy already. The brush doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle either, which is very frustrating, so this is soon to be chucked!

The colour is a cool beige creme with the most minute silver shimmer particles in it, but they only really show up in direct sunlight.

Two coats makes for an even, opaque, glossy finish, but drying time is very long – an hour later, I’m still not sure I would dare wash my hands!


So, although the colour is gorgeous – a perfect neutral for any occasion, the formula is just not good enough to make me want to shell out the hefty price for such a tiny bottle!

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