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#NAILLINKUP – Aqua Nail Art

Yay, it’s Monday!!!

… Err, no, actually I hate Mondays. Always have. Speaking of which, I used to have a Garfield the cat bedspread with “I hate Mondays” on it. Because I loved Garfield. Mostly because I idolised my uncle, who loved Garfield, haha!

Now that you know a few useless interesting facts about me, lets talk nails!

#Naillinkup Aqua Nail Art A England Galahad

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#NAILLINKUP – Stamping

Hey hey hey, it’s the weekend! And not a day too soon, huh?!

I really want to say, I love my new camera (a Canon EOS 600D)! It’s the most beautiful camera that I’ve ever used, and it’s all mine!

It’s totally possible, of course, that you don’t really notice the difference 🙂 that’s okay, because I do! It’s not the most expensive in the world (I’m not rich!), and it’s not a very new model, but this camera is so crisp and captures details so beautifully… it’s exactly what I was hoping for 🙂


So, it looks like you girls aren’t very into the stamping theme, is that right? I know it’s fiddly, but I like a challenge, and I figure, if I don’t practise, then I definitely won’t get good at it! So here’s my try for the NAILLINKUP Challenge 🙂

Butter London Shandy

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My First Double-Sided / Louboutin Nails / Underside Mani

Good evening!

Sorry again for the erratic posting schedule recently. I’m doing a lot more hours than I should be at work, and since my ‘day job’ pays for my blogging & polish-making habit… I can’t quit, lol

Louboutin Nails Underside Mani-001

Anywhoo, in the last couple of days, I’ve had a lot of meetings at work. I hate meetings. I mean, I like the people I work with, but gawd, I have to dress like a professional adult, and can’t paint tonnes of little eyeballs on my nails. If I could rock up to meetings in my over-sized Star Wars t-shirt and leggings, I would be much happier!

So, since I’ve had to look like a real adult, I thought my nails had better match. I’ve been wearing Butter London ‘s Crumpet for nearly 3 days *gasp*. Now the meetings are over though, I decided to rock it up a bit, and do my first Underside Mani (coined by Craftynail).

Louboutin Nails Underside Mani

I’m not sure what this is ‘supposed’ to be called! I like Louboutin Nails or Underside Mani best 😀

I used Barry M Gold Foil Nail Effects for the underside. I would have loved something even shinier, but (a) the Barry M Foil Effects are fast-drying one-coaters and (b) I do have work to do at the office tomorrow, so I thought discreet would still be a good idea. That said, I now realise, after getting shimmery stuff everywhere when I tried to do some clean-up, that I’m going to regret it when I try to remove this stuff!

The awesome accent nail-glitter-gradient thingy is the gorgeous Sunburst by Northern Star. Looks like it’s not available any more, but you can contact Northern Star via Etsy here if you want to check that. I don’t know Kristin very well, but I’m sure she won’t mind enquiries!

It is one of my favourite glitter toppers in the world, and incredibly sparkly, so I don’t use it often. I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature – some things are too precious to waste…

I don’t usually like bar glitter, either, but in Sunburst, it just feels so right!

Louboutin Nails Underside Mani-002

I’ve admired this look from afar for a while, but this is the first time I’ve worked up the gumption to try it. That’s almost entirely thanks to Anutka of Wacky Laki and her awesome tips and explanations (from a whole year ago!!!). She makes it look so easy, and it actually wasn’t that hard in the end, once I managed to tape my fingers. I didn’t do it as neatly as Anutka, I just slapped the tape on one side of under my nail, pulled it down and stuck it to the other side. A quick pinch in the middle helped hold it together long enough to paint under them. For me, it really helped to wipe off the brush a little, so it didn’t have too much polish on it. That saved me a lot of mess 🙂

Louboutin Nails Underside Mani-003


I did bring the length of my nails down a bit too. I love to have them super long, but when I have busy periods, I don’t always find the time to look after them properly. So they get too fragile and break. I’m happy to fix them once in a while, but I have a three-nail rule – one or two ‘fixed’ nails are fine, but if I break a third, off they come. They’ll grow back healthy and strong – and I don’t mind changing how they look once in a while, either 🙂

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