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Pink & Purple Leopard Nail Art – Herome Las Vegas & Barry M Bright Purple

The weekend is coming!

Okay, still another day or two of work for many of us, but still! I’m celebrating by showing you last weekend’s nail art 🙂 I did a crazy bright leopard print. For a change, I used a dotting tool to get the splodgy black lines, and I think it came out pretty nicely. I mean, I decided not to use a brush because I’m too lazy to clean them properly, but I actually prefer how it looks….

Pink Purple Leopard Nail Art - WIC Herome Las Vegas Barry M Bright Purple -002

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#31DC2013 – Water Marble (catch up)

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spam you with all the catch-up I’ve got 😉 I’ll spread it out over the next week!

So here are my water marble nails, that I didn’t post yesterday since I fell asleep early. I know a lot of people don’t like to do water marble nail art, because it’s so messy. Actually, I kind of love it because it’s so messy! And recently, I found some masking fluid (basically liquid latex) in a local craft store. It seemed pretty non-toxic (it’s made for kids) and more sturdy than PVA glue, so I grabbed some, and used that to mask my cuticles. It works so well! But, well if you follow my Instagram, you’ll see that I got a bit carried away, and basically marbled my whole hand…. Never mind, it came out great after clean up!

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