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Pre-Christmas Nail Art with glitter !

Well, party season is in full swing and the air is decidedly frosty, so that inspired me for a couple of sets of tips to send to the girls for Christmas.

The first is an ombre with Stargazer’s Chrome in silver and light blue. Then I stuck silver and black diamond glitter pieces down onto them – the effect makes me think of Tintaglia (that’s a blue dragon from Robin Hobb’s series of books, for any non-fantasy geeks out there!). Here’s the result :

2012-11-26 20.08.47

Then I decided it was time to be less geeky and think of partying !

A glitter topcoat provided the foundation for silver and gold leopard spots (again all Stargazer polishes) :

2012-11-26 20.03.44

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Is it too late for Autumn Nail Art?

Since snow is falling in my town, the answer to that is yes, but here goes anyway !

2012-12-02 15.08.19

I used an all China Glaze palette, from top left clockwise :

  • White Out – classic white creme as a base coat for the leaves
  • In Awe of Amber – a copper glitter that I swatched here – I put this directly on the clear tip to outline the leaves
  • Black Leather – a pure black to outline
  • Breakin’ – a pretty orange with a golden shimmer that I swatched here
  • Red Stallion – A bright, shimmery red
  • Solar Power – a bright yellow with a golden shimmer

And here is the result :

2012-12-02 16.51.28

Note to self – do bigger leaves next time, it won’t look so messy ! Plus, the black outline is too thick compared to the size of the leaves.

Still, this is just pretty enough because the colours are perfect together.

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Tartan Tips

I’m still obsessed over the idea of tartan tips, and with Christmas around the corner, I thought I’d get some seasonal colours in there too.

So here are the three sets of tartan tips that I’ve come up with – all with China Glaze polishes. Each is a little different – as tartan should be – and I used striping tape to start with and finished off free-hand.

This first set was done with :

  • White Out (545), a basic white creme : 3 coats as it tends to be a bit patchy otherwise
  • Crystal Chandelier (CGX248), a fine golden shimmer : 2 coats as this is extremely subtle
  • Adore (692), a deep metallic green/blue
  • Red Stallion (663), a classic bright, shimmery red

And this is the result :



For the second set, I used :


  • Passion in the Pacific (561), a shiny, metallic green that makes me think of St Patrick’s Day : 2 coats
  • Sexy Silhouette (223), a bright red tending slightly to magenta
  • Black Diamond (629), a dark metallic grey that I swatched here

And this was the result :


I love the way that the red and green contrast on this one, and the fact that the red isn’t 100% opaque makes it look ‘more tartan-ey’ to me!


For the last set, I used the following varnishes :


  • Long Kiss (087), a metallic red
  • Simply Stunning (CGX251), a warm, pale gold
  • Rodeo Fanatic (666), a dark, metallic blue-green

And here is the resulting tartan :


I’m really happy with the results, apart from the first, as I was shocked that Crystal Chandelier is so transparent – but I really need to find a way of doing these more quickly, thses 3 sets took an entire weekend!


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A First Try at Tartan Tips

With the nights drawing in, and the weather starting to get very cold, I can’t help but wish that I were in a Scottish castle next to a big warm fire.

Not that I’ve ever been to Scotland, mind, but at least that explains my latest obsession. I’ve suddenly decided that the next mani I really want to master is a tartan one!

So how best to practise than to paint up some tips?

For my first try, I’ve used a China Glaze selection :

From left to right :

  • White Out (545), a basic white creme
  • Touch of Glamour (CGX250), a pretty pale neutral tending towards apricot with a fine golden shimmer
  • For Audrey (625), a classic pale blue creme that I swatched here

I used a hell of a lot of striping tape (the stuff I have is about a millimetre wide and mostly got stuck to my fingers) and went a little bit crazy in the process – and quite possibly missed the point of tartan, but here is my very first try :


So that’s going into the Christmas box to see if any of the girls at home would like these !


… And I’ve invested in wider striping tape…


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Nail Art – Konad – Zebra Tips

Here’s some weekend nail art – I did these pretty zebra tips with a Konad stamper.

The base colour is the beautiful Poetic from China Glaze – click here to see my swatch.

Instead of stamping straight onto the tips, I stamped onto a baggie and transferred the parts of the pattern that came out best onto the tips.

The only thing I’m not so happy about is that the white nail art polish from Konad isn’t very opaque, but I think I just about get away with that here !


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Water Marble tips

I’ve been working on some more nail art, I water marbled up a few tips for my sister :


I used China Glaze White OutO.P.I.Dim Sum Plum and Barry M – Grey.

I was so pleased with how these turned out that I decided to do a full-nail marble. This was a bit of a mistake!

It was pretty enough but a bit garish, like a psychedelic zebra :

To help matters, I totally over-did the top coat and the pattern got dragged around =oc

So despite taking hours, this one didn’t last very long !


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