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April Challenge – Day 13 – Ruffian Mani (Nails Inc Leather Effect)

Good morning !

I’m determined to make up for my sporadic posts this week by spamming you this weekend !

As well as a post a day for the April Challenge hosted by Short and Sweet in Texas, I have a Northern Star collection to show you today, and a guest post for tomorrow.

But today, I’m showing off my Nails Inc Leather Effect in black. This is 2 coats in a ruffian over Essie’s Snap Happy from last Winter’s Leading Lady collection, a bright coral red :


I really love how this one turned out, there’s something almost gory about it 🙂

The leather effect was just as great as I expected, it was, however, odd that it looked so leathery, and was yet totally hard to the touch. But I’ll definitely wear it again !

Don’t forget, you can bump up your number of entries in my 100 followers giveaway by joining in !

… Or just check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

Short and Sweet in Texas 30 Day April Challenge

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*CLOSED* 100 Followers Giveaway !

I know, I know, it’s about time… I broke through the 100 follower mark during my last giveaway, so I thought it best to wait a couple of weeks before launching the next one 🙂

Followers April 2013

If you live in the UK and want to enter, please scroll to the bottom for more details !

Entries are very simple for this one ! You get the following number of raffle draws for the following :

  1. Obligatory entry : follow – via WordPress, email or Bloglovin’ : 10 draws, once
  2. Facebook entry : Like : 5 draws, once
  3. Nail Art entries : Enter Short & Sweet in Texas’ 30 day Challenge : one draw per entry, up to once a day

I’m not doing Twitter entries this time, sorry. I just want to mix things up a bit 🙂

This giveaway is open for the whole month of April. It will close at midnight on the 30th April, Paris time. The winner will be emailed within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and will have 72 hours (3 days) to provide a valid shipping address. Failing this, a new winner will be selected.

One person will win all of the following ! You can see I’ve decided to showcase 3 brands, all Europe-based. These have all been purchased by myself, are unopened, and unsponsored.


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Swatches – Nails Inc – Graffiti Effect – Old Street / Brick Lane

So here I am, finally, with my Nails Inc swatches – here’s two of the Graffiti Effect range – Old Street (multi colour) and Brick Lane (black and white). They’re both composed of a mix of hex, bar and tiny specks of glitter in a clear base.

I swatched these over Sephora‘s Tender Taupe (thumbnail), Barry M‘s Grey nail paint (index & ring fingers) and Model Own Pro in Black. Yep, you heard it folks, like a right royal turnip, I swatched a black and white glitter over a black polish… Go figure ! I did, however, have the sense to whip a matte top coat over the little & ring fingers.

DSC03179 DSC03186

First of all, Old Street didn’t look especially graffiti-esque to me. More like an early ninties glitter party. I think it’s because regular, shiny glitter was used instead of matte glitter. I guess someone out there might like this polish, if that’s the case, note well that this one is up for swaps !

I much preferred Brick Lane, the matte glitter did look just like graffiti. Especially over grey, of course, but I really like this one over taupe, too ! I can imagine it looking great over flashy colours as well, so this is a great all-rounder as far as I’m concerned.

The formula on these was incredibly gloopy. I know it goes with the territory with glitters, but this was like trying to get jam (Americans, read jelly) to spread on your nails ! Even coverage required a lot of dibbing and dabbing about, and, as you can see, I sort of gave up! But, as a glitter, it dried pretty quickly and at least there is so much glitter in the bottle, you don’t have to fish it out.


What do you think, worth the effort? Anyone want to swap a polish for Old Street, lol?



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