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Anny Bloody Return with Shimmer Polish Eva and Mary Nail art

It’s nearly Friday! I’m glad this week is going by fast, it’s not been a very easy one. Although, I had a nice moment on Wednesday evening. On Wednesdays, I usually have a long day, but this one was especially stressful due to some last-minute cancellations. So I left the office later than I would have liked, and as I was going through my usual route to get home, encountered an American couple. Lost tourists in Paris, trying to make their way to Versailles, so I gave them some quick advice and ran on to catch my train.

Then, I realised that my train was cancelled, and that I would probably be catching the same one as them, so I went back to find them and helped make sure they catch it okay; and when we were nearly at the station, helped to make sure they found the taxi rank okay. Anyway, it sounds silly, but they were such lovely people, it was nice to have a little chat and feel like I was doing something really useful 🙂

Another thing that really brightens a bad day for me, is when I get surprise nail mail from a blogging buddy. I swear that Sabrina from the Polish Alcoholic has supplied a good percentage of my stash now, she is so generous! And I especially love putting those polishes to one side, to pull out when I need a little pick-me-up. They’re just extra special because someone picked them out just for me, ya know?

Anny Bloody Return

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