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Nub-nub-NUBBINS! Ft. Different Dimension Inner Goddess & A England Camelot

So I had a nice time in Switzerland. I admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to going, because it’s a work trip that we do every year. It’s kind of a long journey, and there were problems on the train on the way there that meant we arrived over 3 hours late, but we had a giggle and we were really well received (as we usually are). And I had the opportunity to pack my bag full of chocolate before we got back. So overall, it was fun, but exhausting! Sorry for my radio silence since, I didn’t expect to be so worn out.

Unfortunately, I had to leave very early on Monday morning (my bus left at 6.20am), and literally 5 minutes before leaving, I totally snapped all the free edge of my right index finger 😦 but I’ve had some encouragement since (thanks especially to Vic!) and finally feel ready to get back to the blogging rhythm!

This first mani absolutely had to be black. As a kind of sign of mourning for my long nails (yes, I realise how melodramatic I’m being! bear with me). Of course, I used my favourite black, Camelot by A England. But when I saw the all-black nubbins, they looked so tiny, so severe, so… well, manly… that I couldn’t take it. I had to do something to make my hands look more feminine again! Inner Goddess by Different Dimension just felt right. So, my fingers still look wrong (to me, at least), and the ends of my fingers are still really sensitive; but here they are, the nubbins!

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A England – Elaine – Gold Stamping Nail Art

A England - Elaine - Gold Stamping Nail Art-002

Good evening ladies!

Sorry the post is late today… I try to be a bit more regular, but since I’m off work next week, this week is hectic! Still, I haven’t forgotten you, and that’s the main thing 🙂

I do feel a bit of pressure to have fabulous nails on a Friday. Just, you know, to make the most of it. Well, tomorrow is going to be a Dark Purple Trouser Day (I’ve already decided!) so I figured that it was time I cracked open Elaine by A England. One of the reasons I bought this colour is that one of my Great Aunts (my Grandma has a lot of sisters) is called Elaine. So, lucky that it’s a beautiful colour, too! And nearly a one-coater…

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A England Jane Eyre & awesome One Stroke Roses

A England Jane Eyre - One Stroke Rose Nail Art-006

Hey ladies! It’s Thursday, which means that tomorrow is Friday, woop! Monday will be another national holiday in France (Armistice Day), so I have another long weekend coming up 🙂

Today I woke up feeling a bit groggy with a huge cold. But since Thursdays are work-from-home days, it wasn’t too bad, I’ve been keeping warm and drinking plenty of fluids. I even got quite a lot of work done in the end 🙂 but since I woke up an hour before I needed to get to business, I grabbed my gorgeous (synthetic – because I really am against animal cruelty, you may have noticed!) Roubloffs and decided to try doing one-stroke roses. For the first time. And it turned out awesome. So prepare for some photo spam!

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A England – Briar Wood

Yay, I finally got Briar Wood by A England, completing my Burne-Jones Dream Collection! Admittedly, there are 2 other reds in the collection (of five!) but this polish is so stunning, I am glad that I got it 😉

Briar Wood is a hella vampy deep burgundy microglitter, with a hint of duo-chrome and tonnes of holo – whoop !

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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 22. Animal Themed

You’ll have to excuse my frazzled brain. We’re into a third week of this heatwave, and although I love the sun, I’m starting to find the lack of sleep a bit hard to cope with. So be prepared for a seriously abstract mani, haha!

I have issues with birds; I’ve always been scared of them. The fluttering and flying makes me nervous, and they just look so strange, and sort of gross. But this weekend, whilst I was sweating it out in the garden, I actually enjoyed watching some sparrows dancing overhead. There’s a clan of about 8 that have been dancing around in our garden (sooo funny, to see our indoor cats watching them!) and it was fascinating to watch these funny, chirruping little balls of brown feathers suddenly become gracious and athletic, diving around in the sky – it was as if they were totally transformed !

So I really wanted to do a bird mani tonight, and had a funky parrot on my VL 001 plate to test out !


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