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*CLOSED* 100 Followers Giveaway !

I know, I know, it’s about time… I broke through the 100 follower mark during my last giveaway, so I thought it best to wait a couple of weeks before launching the next one 🙂

Followers April 2013

If you live in the UK and want to enter, please scroll to the bottom for more details !

Entries are very simple for this one ! You get the following number of raffle draws for the following :

  1. Obligatory entry : follow – via WordPress, email or Bloglovin’ : 10 draws, once
  2. Facebook entry : Like : 5 draws, once
  3. Nail Art entries : Enter Short & Sweet in Texas’ 30 day Challenge : one draw per entry, up to once a day

I’m not doing Twitter entries this time, sorry. I just want to mix things up a bit 🙂

This giveaway is open for the whole month of April. It will close at midnight on the 30th April, Paris time. The winner will be emailed within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and will have 72 hours (3 days) to provide a valid shipping address. Failing this, a new winner will be selected.

One person will win all of the following ! You can see I’ve decided to showcase 3 brands, all Europe-based. These have all been purchased by myself, are unopened, and unsponsored.


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Brijit’s Digits hosting our first Guest Post ! L’Oréal Paris ‘Le Top Coat’ Reviewed by a Parisienne – Smoke & Confetti

So I’ve never hosted a guest post before, but thought it could be a sneaky way to save my nails from a fourth night in a row of intense swatching fun 🙂

This post is by Annie Laurie, who you may have seen comment on my blog before. One of my closest friends, she spends the tourist season working in the office with me, and the rest of the year updating her travel blog. I’m afraid I won’t link to it here, because it’s personal, and she only shares it with friends. Being an outgoing kinda chick, she has plenty of those ! She grew up in the South of France but now lives (most of the year) in Paris, and has a great critical eye, so she’s perfectly qualified to review these two top coats for me!

She did her original write-up in French, so I’ll translate that for you 🙂

The first polish that Annie Laurie tried for me was the Confetti ‘Le Top Coat’ by L’Oréal, to start with over Lacquered Up by Essie, a lovely classic red :


On the index finger, two coats. But that was a bit too much confetti for Annie Laurie, who tells me she preferred the one coat look on her other fingers. She was quite taken with this top coat, and said that the confetti looks almost like little spots of ink or of a black and white painting, reminiscent of Pollock.

I think that if she’s going to use such high-brow references, I should get her to write me more reviews!

Because I’m a bad friend,  I didn’t warn her about how hard glitter polish can be to remove… It seems that this top-coat is no exception ! Also, like most glitter polishes, it dried pretty quickly

Though she did manage to get it off eventually, she had already added some to some other polishes to see what it looks like, on the pinkie, with just a clear base coat, on her middle finger, over OPI – Suzi takes the wheel, and on her index, over Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh, a classic neutral :


Which do you like best? Annie Laurie liked the darker grey best – she said it gave a nice electro-rock feel with the confetti. She did say that, as glitters go, the suspension base isn’t too creamy, so although the glitter hadn’t sunk, she had to dab a bit to get the glitter bits placed just right.

I also had her try a mysterious top coat that’s just called “smoky”.

I gave this a good google and only found a few quick references to it on a couple of German blogs, so either it is very new, or it is very hard to get hold of!

Annie Laurie popped this on her ring finger above, also over grey. She also tried it on a rudie nudie naked nail and felt that it pooled too much in the ridges.

What is the point of this top-coat, I hear you ask? If I want a darker polish, surely I’d buy one?!

Well, I’ve worked that one out for you ! Although obviously this top coat would be great for anyone with a limited collection, it is also pretty handy for nail art where you might like a layered effect !


By adding a second layer of drips on top  of the first, I got a nice 3-D effect, without having to wear mountains of polish !

Although it has a glossy finish, it doesn’t take too long to dry. 

What do you ladies think? Have you seen or tried these effects before? There is a white version of the Smoky that’s called Milky, too. 

I’d love to host some guest posts regularly, but I realise that it’s a big time commitment, so if you’re a nail blogger and might be interested, please leave a comment below 🙂

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