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INTRODUCING: Spring Collection 2015

Polish Alcoholic

Happy Friday lovelies!

Are you ready for Spring? I sure am! Say hello to my Spring Collection:spring 2015 - bottlesThese polishes are now available in my Etsy store.

Swatches are by the talented Emily from Very Emily. Thanks so much girl! If you’re interested you can read her review with more photo’s on her blog.

Shown fltr:
Have You Ever Been Mellow?
Most Wanted Nude Scenes
Too Much of a Good Thing
That’s So Ratchet

spring 15 - swatches collageWhich one(s) is/are your fave?

Get your here 😉 Don’t forget to use code 10OFF at check out to get 10% discount!

ps. Also new to the shop: Mani Fizzies, better known as mani bombs 😀

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ILNP – Reminisce and Moyou-London Stamping (Mother Nature 03)


Good evening! I have heard back from staff, and they will make sure you’re all moved over to the new blog (which is at the same address, and looks the same as the old one). The only thing is, if you have a WordPress account and you want to keep getting your updates via email, you will need to sign up again. So, please click the cute image above if you do want every post in your inbox – it’ll take you straight to the bottom of the page, where you plug your email address in.

ILNP - Reminisce and Moyou-London Stamping (Mother Nature 03)

Tonight’s post is about  I Love Nail Polish – Reminisce. This is a polish that I want to love. I am on a huge green kick at the moment, and the shade is great. The bottle and brush are awesome, and I have a huge soft spot for ILNP polish. Yet, in this case, I just don’t like it. Sorry!
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I moved over to!

Hi ladies !

I did it! Not without a couple of little hitches, like inadvertantly creating a neverending redirect loop that locked me out of even the admin controls… but I got there, and is now self-hosted! That means I’m going to be able to mess about with the layout more, blog in French too (without having posts cluttered with both languages) and do a tonne of other fun stuff! I’ve already started learning CSS and have figured out how to edit the install files 😀

I already transferred over the email-only subscribers (hi, mum!), but it will take a little while for those of you who have subscribed via WordPress. So, if you would like to come and join me early, please click on the image below or here, and sign up again 🙂

Migrated to WordPress.orgSee you on the other side ❤


#NAILLinkup – Diamonds – China Glaze Fade into Hue and Shimmer Polish Jennifer

Hi honies!

It’s the weekend, yay! Never comes too soon, huh?

This weekend, I have a big exciting project for the blog. I’ve been mulling it over for months, and have decided to take the plunge. Basically, I’m going to transfer over to That means I’ll keep the same domain name and everything, but the blog will become self-hosted, so I can mess about with themes and stuff more 😉

Either it will go very smoothly, with a bit of luck and help from my bloke, who is a computer programmer. But if it doesn’t, and things go a bit squiffy over the next few days, don’t panic! You can always check out my Twitter feed or Instagram to check where I’m at…

#NAILLinkup - Diamonds - China Glaze Fade into Hue and Shimmer Polish Jennifer  - Copy

Today’s nail art is an upgrade on the mani I’ve been wearing for the past few days. I love China Glaze Fade into Hue! It’s pastelly enough for spring, yet super saturated, and very shiny! So I did a quick touch up, and added the nail art over the top. While I decided what to do to get the diamonds into the theme, I did a quick glitter gradient with Shimmer Polish Jennifer on my little (pinky) finger.

#NAILLinkup - Diamonds - China Glaze Fade into Hue and Shimmer Polish Jennifer  - Copy Continue reading

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I Love Nail Polish – Undenied

Hey girls!

Today’s been a bit of a nightmare, so I’m blocking it all out by posting. That seems healthier somehow than going crazy and shouting my head off 😉 these are photos I took a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t had time to get them blog-ready since, so it’s about time!

You may have noticed that I have a bit of an obsession with the I Love Nail Polish Ultrachrome line. So when some new ones were brought out for Spring, I couldn’t resist getting them! Especially Undenied, which, since it has a burgundy-violet-purple-indigo shift, is right up my street, ya know? I love the colour range! It didn’t have the gold shift that ILNP talks about on their website for me; maybe it has to be swatched underwater for that. Me? I’m an air breather, so, ya know…

This is 3 coats (since 2 was a little patchy), over a clear base coat, and no top coat.

I Love Nail Polish - ILNP - Undenied I Love Nail Polish - ILNP - Undenied -001 I Love Nail Polish - ILNP - Undenied -002 I Love Nail Polish - ILNP - Undenied -003Cool, huh!

Has anyone else gone for any Ultrachromes yet? Are you happy with them?



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