I Love Nail Polish – Cutie Pop

Happy Hump Day! We’re half way through the week and nearly at the weekend 🙂

I have a quick swatch for you today, I Love Nail Polish – Cutie Pop.

ILNP I Love Nail Polish Cutie Pop

Something about my light setup did not agree with this polish, and so I’m sorry about the sepia hands, but it’s the only way I could get the colour right 🙂

Cutie Pop is a lovely medium pink with peachy undertones and golden shimmer. As an extra bonus, the polish is also full of holo! LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤

ILNP I Love Nail Polish Cutie Pop -001


The formula and quality are excellent, as you can expect from any ILNP polish! It’s super smooth, and the brush is just right! Also, the thick glass bottom means that the bottle is weighted, and doesn’t tip over too easily 🙂 I did use 3 coats to get it just perfect, but if you do thicker coats than I do, you will probably be fine with 2.

My photos are with a clear base coat and no top coat, and the golden shimmer and holo are so stunning, especially in the sunshine! Click on a photo, and you can see just what I mean 🙂

ILNP I Love Nail Polish Cutie Pop -002


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4 thoughts on “I Love Nail Polish – Cutie Pop

  1. That’s so pretty. I am such a sucker for polishes that sort of peachy-raspberry-shrimpy shade (peach-raspberry-shrimp sounds like an unholy taste combination, doesn’t it?)

  2. Craftynail says:

    so feminine and pretty! i love this pink !

  3. […] the Spring Collection, there was a little mistake, and I received Charmingly Purple instead of Cutie Pop. So I sent off a quick email to let them know, to find out where I needed to send Charmingly back […]

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