Herôme “World in Color” Jakarta

Hey honey bunnies!

Sorry for the radio silence this week, I am sooo tired! Not too much mentally, but just physically. Long hours at work + long commute + gym 3 times a week = not much time for nail painting 😉

But don’t worry, I haven’t been walking around with nudie nails! I’ve been wearing a stunning shade by HerômeJakarta from the World in Color collection. This shade was a gift from the gorgeous Sabrina. I really count myself as very lucky that she picked it out for me, because it is utterly gorgeous, and not available in France!

Herôme WIC World in Color Jakarta

It’s definitely a neutral, but there’s nothing boring about it 🙂

The base colour is a desaturated rose that I just adore! It’s perfectly balanced for my (very medium) skin tone. And running through it is a very fine silver-white shimmer, that up close is very visible. From further away, it looks like the polish is so shiny as to be wet-look ❤

Despite Jakarta being a very pale shade, it only took 2 coats, and self-levelled perfectly !

Herôme WIC World in Color Jakarta -001


So, a huge thank you to Sabrina, I have been wearing this shade up, and it has really helped me to get through a long week ❤

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5 thoughts on “Herôme “World in Color” Jakarta

  1. Kairi says:

    This is gorgeous! :O

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Its a pretty natural color on you! 🙂

  3. 😀 So happy that you like it! It suits you perfectly 😀

  4. Victoria Oen says:

    Oooh Jakarta! That’s exactly where I live! And this polish is gorgeous!

  5. vonimoller says:

    Ooooooh! This is stunning! Gorgeous nude

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