#NAILLINKUP – Stamping (again!)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I have a very bad case of the Sunday Night Blues this evening. This weekend has been so perfect that I’m especially sad for it to be over!

We had a very mild winter here in France, so I’ve been worried that there would be late snow (like in March last year!) but it hasn’t rained since Monday! The sun has been out all week – and it’s been gloriously warm this weekend 🙂 yesterday I did some gardening (well, cutting the grass, weeding the lawn and sweeping the patio), and today after the gym, we had lunch and coffee in the garden. It’s not hot like summer, but very pleasant 🙂

I also faffed around this afternoon making some shower gel and makeup remover, which is exactly the type of little project that I love! And somehow this morning, I found the time to rearrange my polish! Which is a great start, and I have enough unloved bottles that I think I’ll put up a blog/destash sale soon!

#Naillinkup - stamping 2 -001

I’m so glad that a few more lovelies have stepped up to this week’s theme for the Nail Art Ideas Linkup! Still, I wanted to add a second mani for once, to keep the ball rolling 🙂

This is a stamping mani I did last week, with Moyou-London Explorer 14. Both polishes used are by A England  – the base colour is Princess Sabra, and the stamping was done with Sleeping Palace. I’m not sure what inspired me to pair these two, but I love how it came out! And holo-on-holo nail art is definitely a big WIN for me!

#Naillinkup - stamping 2

I did do both hands (as usual), but decided not to publish photos of my right hand. My nails are still growing slowly (normally they start growing faster again in the spring!) and my right index (or pointer) finger keeps breaking! It’s so irritating, I finally get them all the right length, and it doesnt last longer than 2 hours! I even managed to break it reading a book last week. It was a paperback, dammit!

#Naillinkup - stamping 2 -002

Check out the other stamping nail art by clicking on the little blue buggly thing! : 

March Nail Art Ideas Linkup Themes - 480

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15 thoughts on “#NAILLINKUP – Stamping (again!)

  1. Craftynail says:

    This looks great!
    I feel like my nails are not growing either! I had a bad break on my cinderella hand and it feels doomed forever.

  2. Justina says:

    Very pretty mani – I really love how these two A Englands look together!

  3. Lu says:

    Very pretty! Love the color combo!!

  4. Lisa N. says:

    Awesome job on the stamping. Its pretty!

  5. eklinman says:

    A England wins, as always. I too feel your nail pain…in order to keep my blog going I HAVE to do both hands (and they have to be different) and my index finger on both hands just is NOT cooperating! I think I broke one last week eating lunch. As in opening a tupperware. It’s rather appalling!

  6. Kitsu says:

    That’s so pretty! I hope your nails get better soon 😦

    • Thanks honey 🙂 I wonder if I should try UV gel extensions again … Le 10 mars 2014 18:27, “Brijit's Digits” a crit :


      • Kitsu says:

        Oooh that would be interesting. Does the gel hurt your nails though? I have no experience with it, but I’ve heard some horror stories of people ending up with peeling nails after soaking the gel off.

      • Well, I used it before and didn’t have too many issues, I think you just have to be really careful 🙂 Le 10 mars 2014 20:34, “Brijit's Digits” a crit :


  7. rebenice says:

    The final effect is SO beautiful…. *_*

  8. vonimoller says:

    WOW this is stunning! I adore the feather 😀

  9. Gorgeous colour combo!
    And I love your shorter nail look.

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