Ciaté Hoopla + Nails Inc Stratford + Mash Nail Art Pen


Hey lovely ladies, it’s the week-end!

I prepared a few photos last weekend, but didn’t get to post anything sooner, as I’ve been working my backside off! I was at work until 9.30pm on Wednesday and 11.30pm on Thursday 😦 bad times. Don’t feel too sorry for me, though, because I got today off! We went to the Salon d’Agriculture in Paris, which is a big, crazy, busy agriculture show.

Even though we went in the middle of the afternoon, it’s the school holidays, so it was very busy. Still, after we managed to find a parking spot, usable toilets and a sandwich, we felt a bit more zen about it, and really enjoyed it.

It would be impossible to see everything (especially when it’s so busy, you can’t get anywhere fast), but we saw some beautiful cows (some of them are so big!), ate some delicious specialties from France and abroad (duck sandwiches, Caribbean coconut sorbet, …) and I tried some nice wines and beers (and liqueurs too!). Of course, we also made the most of the opportunity to bring lots of lovely stuff back – macaronscharcuteriechouchen, fruits confits, honey, …

Ciaté Hoopla Nails Inc Stratford Mash Nail Art Pen

For this nail art, I used a base of Ciaté Hoopla with a gradient (fan brush again!) with Nails Inc Stratford, then used my pink M.A.S.H. Nail Art Pen to doodle over it. It’s the kinda mani that makes your eyes fizz a bit, I love it!

I had to desaturate this photo a bit as the pink nail art pen made the camera freak out, too. I’m still trying to find my way around the Bloke’s hybrid Olympus (I was using a Fuji bridge, but as I’m getting better at photos, I’m starting to find it a bit limiting). It doesn’t have a swivelly screen and the nice lense needs to be about 3 feet away from the subject. Not easy when you’re photographing your own hand! So I had the Bloke help with taking photos. I think he did a pretty good job! I’m still thinking about getting a nice reflex though, to get my setup just right.

Ciaté Hoopla Nails Inc Stratford Mash Nail Art Pen -002

My man wasn’t the only one to be helpful, unfortunately. Good Kitty can be a bit of a pain when he’s hungry, and I took these near his dinner time! So he helpfully sat between the backdrop and tripod, and refused to shift. Doesn’t he look pretty under my swatching lamp! ^_^

Good Kitty Helping

Clingy/Naughty Kitty didn’t want to be left out either, and is trying to do her very best to get between me and my keyboard as I type! *sigh*Clingy Kitty and her attitude

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7 thoughts on “Ciaté Hoopla + Nails Inc Stratford + Mash Nail Art Pen

  1. Craftynail says:

    You should start calling naughty kitty ‘super chill kitty’ and see what happens! I’m gonna start calling Fergie “quiet kitty”. Shes so loud and annoying… but nah… We secretly love it! 😉

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Aww your two cats are adorable! Lovely manicure too! Great detail 🙂

  3. Polished PR says:

    Very pretty– love the pop of color!

  4. vonimoller says:

    Awwww the Kitts make the post!!
    Also your mani doesn’t make my eyes fizz, they make my eyes see hearts ja!!! 😀

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