Ozotic 504 *picture heavy*

Ozotic 504 Nail Polish Collage

Happy Hump Day honies!

We’re half way thorugh the week, so I thought I’d celebrate with a duochrome photo fest 🙂 today’s nails are Ozotic – 504. I know that these guys are going to be selling out since they aren’t being manufactured any more, but a few are still available in some places, so check out the Picture Polish distributor list if you really want to get hold of them. All of my Ozotics are my own purchases, so this isn’t a press sample or anything. Pictures are of 2 coats over black, but no top coat.

Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -009Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -013Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -012
504 is a typical Ozotic where it comes to application. It’s smooth, just one coat was every so slightly uneven, but two (thin) coats was perfect.

Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -005 Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -007 Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -008

The main colour shift is blue-purple-burgundy. In the bottle you can see flashes of gold, too, but I couldn’t get that to come out on the nail. Still, this is an awesome colour shifter, and I’m so pleased to have it in my collection!

Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -010
Ozotic 504 Nail Polish Ozotic 504 Nail Polish -011

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6 thoughts on “Ozotic 504 *picture heavy*

  1. Lisa N. says:

    Stunning duochrome!!

  2. Katherine Buchanan says:

    Beautiful! I LOVE my Ozotics – it was sad to see them go.

  3. nailartbydolcevita says:

    Simply gorgeous!!!

  4. jo3jeans says:

    oh il est joli mais j’attend bien plus d’un ozotic =)

  5. Squeaky Q says:

    GAH this is gorgeous!

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