GOT Polish Challenge – Blue (Barry M Navy)

GOT Polish Challenge - Blue - Barry M Navy-003

This is one of those colours that I haven’t worn in ages, yet I absolutely love it! Barry M Navy is one of those stunning lit-from-within shades. So I’m so glad that this challenge has let me remember how great it is, especially as my original swatches are horrific (I’m glad to see how much I improved, though!).

GOT Polish Challenge - Blue - Barry M Navy

However, I am not so happy about the glitter placement. I mean, I expect any nail art technique to require a certain amount of patience. That’s one reason that I enjoy it so much, it’s meditative. But, well, I intended to do 2 full nails on each hand. Then I started doing it and got. So. Bored! Gah! This technique is not for me. Admittedly, I tried using relatively small glitter (in the hopes that it won’t be a pain to get off again tomorrow), but seriously! Booooring! They have to go in the right place, the right way round, and without messing up the base too much. At least it looks effective!

GOT Polish Challenge - Blue - Barry M Navy-001

So, 2 lessons learned today : Barry M nail polish is amazing. And people who do glitter placement are seriously awesome!

GOT Polish Challenge - Blue - Barry M Navy-002


Check out the other blue nails by clicking at the following link :



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9 thoughts on “GOT Polish Challenge – Blue (Barry M Navy)

  1. Lisa N. says:

    Pretty blue and the love the glitter 🙂

  2. eklinman says:

    ahhh hahah we both did glitter nails. its fun to look back and see just how much better EVERYONE i’ve been following has gotten at nail painting!

  3. Craftynail says:

    Omg! love your glitter placement, your blue and your pics! the first pic is amazingg!!

  4. Craftynail says:

    Oh how cute!! I ‘liked’ your old post back in the day 🙂

  5. beautiful color, beautiful swatch! And I like your glitter, too 🙂

  6. I love Navy! And I love your glitter placement too 😉

  7. So DISCO ERA : D
    Aw, I LOVE seeing old posts of the same polish, very cool : )

  8. Love both the amazing blue and the glitter! 🙂 Beautiful nail art!

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