#NAILLINKUP – Health and Wellness

#NAILLINKUP - Health and Wellness-003

This week’s Nail Art Ideas Linkup theme is Health and Wellness. Thanks for that Jax! I have spent all week trying to work out what to do 😉

My bloke suggested trying to do beads of sweat on nails… Nahh, that’s not going to happen! So I came up with a much more reasonable alternative… Fruity nails!

#NAILLINKUP - Health and Wellness-002

This year, like half of the planet, my goal is to get fit. I joined a gym just after Christmas, and have been going 3 times a week since (usually rowing machine, leg press, hip abductions, and the bike. The nice one where you can sit back and check Twitter). Aaaand… I’ve put on 5 kg (11lbs)! NOT. COOL. So I guess I need to step up the diet, and eat more fruit and veg and less crap, huh?! See how I’m off to a good start with my nail art?

#NAILLINKUP - Health and Wellness-001

Also, I got a nice new filter for the camera. It’s a polarizer, so it’s going to help me keep the Sèche-Vite-glare down. I really like the matte look it gives to my photos!

#NAILLINKUP - Health and Wellness

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18 thoughts on “#NAILLINKUP – Health and Wellness

  1. vonimoller says:

    These are so cute. Love the colour pops on the nude base. It’s done so fab that they could pass for stickers! Rocking

  2. jo3jeans says:

    hééé c’est super sympa, comme je capte rien en anglais je ne sais pas si tu as réalisé ça en acrylique ou stickers….

  3. Lisa N. says:

    Cute fruit nails!

  4. Rachel T says:

    Well done on going to the gym! You know that muscle weighs more than fat, right? So it’s totally normal to put weight on when you first start a new regime – I didn’t, but I dropped two dress sizes without losing a pound.

    Awesome nails too! I love that these look kinda real!

  5. Craftynail says:

    You’re welcome for picking that theme! i like to keep you on your toes!

  6. Girl, your nails are gorgeous. Love these! Also, polarizer, huh? That topcoat glare is such a problem for me!

  7. Julie says:

    OMG I love these!! Your banana finger reminds me of that Velvet Underground album cover by Andy Warhol

  8. Hey! These are fantastic!! And I love that you did them on a bare nail base, looks incredible!
    Also, you’re probably gaining muscle and loosing fat – that’s what it is. A year ago I dropped 2 sizes, in like two months, wasn’t dieting, but was doing ridiculous amounts of yoga and weightlifting, wasn’t weighing myself, but when I came home I did, and my weight didn’t change at ALL – 2 sizes down. So there you go : )
    Granted, I broke my leg, my weight didn’t change at all, but all that solitary confinement and laying in bed? 2 sizes up…

  9. Oh, and also, these photos look AHmazing.

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