GOT Polish Challenge – Pink

Yes I’m back! Back in….. errr, pink actually 🙂

I have a nice red scar running down the side of my hand, but with some awkward posing and strategic placement of my watermark, I think I can blog again now!

So you’ve probably already heard about the GOT Challenge by the Crumpet? Well, the idea is to use an old (+1 year) polish from your stash and do a nail art every Thursday. This week the theme is pink, so I grabbed Designer Satin by China Glaze. I’ve had this polish since May 2012 – when UK suppliers were still allowed to send polish overseas. I used to order from Venus Nail Supplies – but they can’t ship overseas anymore 😦

GOT Polish Challenge - Pink - China Glaze - Designer Satin


So, it’s a gorgeous colour! The polish hasn’t really stood the test of time, though. It’s gone a bit gloopy and thick. I should really get a big lot of thinner to revive my old polish stash!
GOT Polish Challenge - Pink - China Glaze - Designer Satin-002

I free-handed the half moons! Very proud of myself 🙂 When I’ve done this type of nail art before, I used mani guides or reinforcers, and, every time, I made a mess! Doing it myself is soooo much easier IMHO 🙂

GOT Polish Challenge - Pink - China Glaze - Designer Satin-001


Check out the collection of pink nails here :

GOT Polish Challenge


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9 thoughts on “GOT Polish Challenge – Pink

  1. Craftynail says:

    your nails look so pretty!
    i think it’s easier to do it yourself too. now i feel like doing this!

  2. Adorned Claw says:

    Wow! that’s an amazing shade of pink 😀 and yeah it’s so much easier to freehand half moons! x

  3. Simona LightYourNails says:

    You freehanded the half moons? Wow!

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