Soft Leopard Nail Art

TFIF! I’ve had an exhausting week!

We’ll be going away for Christmas, so that means that everything needs to be washed, prepped and wrapped for packing, and I’ve had a hell of a week at work. On Wedndesday I actually did a 13-hour day, and today was almost 12-hours in the office. I have a commute that takes at least 3 hours a day, so that’s not left me for much time for things like relaxing, and sleeping. Especially sleeping! Admittedly, I worked from home yesterday, but I still started early and finished quite late, so that wasn’t so much consolation…

So no surprise that tonight’s nails are gentle and easy 🙂

Pink Grey Leopard Nail Art Soft

I usually don’t photo my jumper with my nails, but I felt that in this case, they went pretty well together 😉

Pink Grey Leopard Nail Art Soft-001

I can’t believe it’s only a few days until Christmas! Aaaargh! I mean, I started getting presents together back in October… but wow, that crept up quickly!

I guess it doesn’t help that it doesn’t “feel” Christmassy around here at the moment. The weather is mild and dry and I didn’t bother to decorate this year. I have every year so far, even when we’ve been going away. But I kind of came to the conclusion that I’m the only one interested in decorating, and that’s not much fun.

At least that was one less thing to do, haha!

Pink Grey Leopard Nail Art Soft-002


And yeah, I signed up for a trial session at a gym tomorrow morning… I don’t know what possessed me to do that!! Cross your fingers for me, ladies 😉

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9 thoughts on “Soft Leopard Nail Art

  1. Lisa N. says:

    Looks lovely! I miss leopard nails and should really do one myself soon 🙂

  2. JayBee Qadri says:

    Pretty soft nails!! But u seem really exhausted 😦

  3. Kitsu says:

    This is so pretty! The nails and jumper look so cozy too, if that makes sense.

  4. These photos are GORGEOUS Brijit! Even more than your usual ones. You should feature your jumpers more often ; ) Or maybe these nails with the pastel pink are just a beauty to photograph.
    These are animal print. And pink. I think they look gorgeous on you, but I really can’t like them. You combined two things I hate in nails ; )

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