A England – Her Rose Adagio

A England is a brand that I’ve only discovered quite recently, when the Burne-Jones Dream collection came out. 

Every bottle that I’ve tried has a wonderful formula, and the colours are very original! So I just had to try one from the latest collection. I picked Her Rose Adagio mostly because it looks like a shade I could (probably) get away with at work.It is a holo, but pale pink, and it’s quite toned-down by the silvery holo particles.

A England - Her Rose Adagio-001

It was almost a one-coater (like every other A England I have tried!), but not quite, so the second coat really just smoothed out the first. It’s definitely got the holo shimmer, but, as is usual for lighter colours, it doesn’t pop very much off the nail. That’s pretty much what I expected, as it’s very rare to find one that’s stronger yet pale (this is the only one I’ve found so far!).
A England - Her Rose Adagio

The accent nails are just doodles with my nail art pen 🙂 I have a big meeting tomorrow at the chateau de Versailles (I work in tourism); so I did a few elegant arabesques. Unfortunately I smacked my nails against my tripod just after taking these photos…. So it all just came off already 😦

A England - Her Rose Adagio-002

One thing I like about A England is that the price tag is actually quite reasonable! It’s only at about 9€ here in France (which is probably more expensive than anywhere else), but compared to Butter London at 15-16€ or Zoya at 13€, it’s almost cheap!!

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7 thoughts on “A England – Her Rose Adagio

  1. Lisa N. says:

    Gorgeous color and I love how soft this looks too 😉

  2. Craftynail says:

    Can I be Brijit for a day? Chateau de Versailles, arabesques, etc…. You are so cool!

  3. eklinman says:

    I love love love a england polishes! Due to how opaque they are, they are also good for stamping btw.

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