Models Own Velvet Goth Box Set *picture heavy* – Valerian, Obsidian, Sardonyx, Amethyst, Absinthe

I’m in Switzerland today on a work trip, so please do excuse the pre-prepared post 😉

Of course, for the trip I needed Grown-Up, Sensible Nails. So I spent some time this weekend swatching the Velvet Goth Box Set by Models Own to get the fun out of my system 😉

I’ll mostly let the pictures do the talking! This is all 2 coats, no top-coat. They aren’t ‘velvet’-effect in the same way as Zoya, for example, they are rather gelly polishes with a heavy dose of glitter and a semi-matte finish.


First of all – Absinthe. This is a pretty dark, foresty green. Some of the glitter is larger than the rest – though not very large, it adds a bit of interest to the texture

Models Own Velvet Goth Absinthe Models Own Velvet Goth Absinthe-001


Amethyst is quite a warm purple, I seem to remember the actual gem being a cooler colour. Still, very pretty!

Models Own Velvet Goth AmethystModels Own Velvet Goth Amethyst-001



Obsidian is the only one I found a little difficult to apply. The glitter is silvery, but the black base was tricky, it kept balding as I put on the second layer, until I really ended up overloading the nail.

Models Own Velvet Goth Obsidian

Models Own Velvet Goth Obsidian-001


Sardonyx is a ruby red, it really reminds me of Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, but a textured version is nice too!

Models Own Velvet Goth SardonyxModels Own Velvet Goth Sardonyx-001



And this last one is my favourite!

Valerian is a bright indigo, jean-like blue. Very striking!

Models Own Velvet Goth Valerian

Models Own Velvet Goth Valerian-001

So Obsidian is the only one I struggled to apply a bit. They all dry quite fast, and I didn’t wear them for long, but they weren’t too hard to remove… No more than other glittery polishes, anyway!


I did try top coating all of them, and I actually think I prefer them this way…Models Own Velvet Goth Absinthe-002 

Models Own Velvet Goth Amethyst-002 

Models Own Velvet Goth Obsidian-002

Models Own Velvet Goth Sardonyx-002
Models Own Velvet Goth Valerian-002

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13 thoughts on “Models Own Velvet Goth Box Set *picture heavy* – Valerian, Obsidian, Sardonyx, Amethyst, Absinthe

  1. Craftynail says:

    Your nails looks so much shorter to me! They still look gorgeous though!
    (I’m one of those people that notices when someone even trims their bangs. nuthin gets by me! )
    Recently I cut 8 inches off my hair and this lady in my office was like ‘i didn’t even notice’. whhaaaat?? how is that even possible? LOL

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Great colors from Model Own!

  3. Amazing collection. Amethyst is my favourite of the bunch!

  4. Vee says:

    How did you get them to look so even and smooth? I bought absinthe and valerian and couldn’t get on with either of them. I tried it with and without a base coat, but it still looked terrible. I’d be grateful for any tips!!

  5. Jessica W. says:

    Sardonyx is my favorite! 🙂 I also totally giggled at the capitalization of “Grown Up Sensible Nails”. 😛

  6. Kitsu says:

    Sardonyx looks so sophisticated on you!

  7. I’m looooving Absinthe (although not a fan of the drink in real life ; ))
    Rocking shorter nails? Loving the nail porn!

  8. jo3jeans says:

    Oh oh! ils sont superbes, tes mains toutes blanches les mettent bien en valeur ♥

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