#nailfail – One Stroke Feathers

Isn’t it funny how, if I had done this nail art a year ago, I would have been super pleased, yet today it feels like a nail fail?! 

I’m still happy to put less-than-perfect nail art up, though, I think you all know I’m not perfect already, haha!

One Stroke Feathers Nail Art-003

We had another nice, quiet weekend. I’m going on a big work trip to Switzerland on Monday and Tuesday, so a quiet weekend is what I needed 😉

One Stroke Feathers Nail Art-001

I tried to do one-stroke feathers, but I think  they just look like funky leaves. The base colour is Kiko ‘Quick Dry’ 834. Which, by the way, does not dry quickly. And it is pretty streaky, I used 3 coats as I knew I would cover a lot with the ‘nail art’, but I think it would take 4 coats for a perfect finish… So this one’s going straight to the dustbin! Shame, really, as the colour is lovely – a pale, frosty mint with a fine golden shimmer. But really, I can have enough dang nail polish, there’s no point in keeping one that’s such a pain to use.

One Stroke Feathers Nail Art

Yup, I think I’m suffering from a case of Sunday Night Blues…

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11 thoughts on “#nailfail – One Stroke Feathers

  1. Lisa N. says:

    They look amazing! 🙂

  2. Katherine Buchanan says:

    What a pity about the formula – it’s such a pretty colour! And your feather leaves look great 🙂

  3. Katherine Buchanan says:

    Oh – and enjoy your trip to Switzerland – hope it’s not too busy

  4. Kairi says:

    I don’t think these are a fail, I didn’t think they’re feathers though when I saw the photo. They still look beautiful 😉

  5. Craftynail says:

    Feathers, flowers, what’s the diff??:)
    i wanna go to switzerlanddd!!!!!!! Enjoy your trip love!

  6. Lucy says:

    Love this mani tons! Very pretty, and I’m loving the colors! 😀

  7. Kitsu says:

    I thought they looked like leaves when I first saw these, but they look gorgeous!

  8. I saw the the title and your nails and thought ‘Nope, she’s talking crazy again, fail, whaaaaaa…? I’m not even gonna comment’. And then, I read the post and went ‘uh oh. Feathers? I thought the were meant to be beautiful watercolour leaves… ;)’ Still beautiful and fally, not faily!

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