Polish Alcoholic – Bradypodion *picture heavy*

By far the best thing about blogging is the amazing friends you can make. One of those beautiful ladies is Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic. I just love our email chats about nail polish! And recently, she decided to surprise me with some awesome nail mail! If you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen. Basically, it was an Anny polish, FOUR Herômes (both brands aren’t available in France) and two incredible multichromes from her very own collection!

So today I want to show you Bradypodion. This is available for 8.50€ right here in Sabrina’s Etsy shop.

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-007

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-008

I apologise in advance for the huge number of photos! I know it can make loading on a mobile device slow. But to be honest, if you don’t like photos of nail polish, you might be in the wrong place…

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-003

The reason I picked it to try first is because it is primarily blue-ish, and I want to wear my blue trousers to work tomorrow, lol! But oh my gosh, there are a tonne of colours in there! It goes from teal to blue to purple to burgundy ❤

I got another early Christmas present! A tripod! So prepare for some fabulously awful awkward hand poses in the next few posts!

And, let’s gloss over the way I got the bottle squiffy in all these shots, huh?

Polish Alcoholic - BradypodionPolish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-001 Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-005Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-002Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-006

I went for one generous coat over a black base. It dries very glossy, but I did add a coat of Sèche Vite to speed things up 🙂

The formula is a dream! The flattened brush is very smooth (my favourite type! that’s why I use them for my polish, too), and the polish is very buttery. Neither thick nor thin, and I had no problems with streaking, flooding or any of that stuff!

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-004
Just to be clear, this nail polish was a gift (with no strings attached), and Sabrina is a friend. But all opinions expressed here are (as always) my own, and this is truly an awesome polish 😉

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-009

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7 thoughts on “Polish Alcoholic – Bradypodion *picture heavy*

  1. Craftynail says:

    Gorgeous! Your pics look different. I like them!

  2. lilirose973 says:

    Bonsoir, il est sublime wouah!!

  3. Katherine Buchanan says:

    What a beautiful polish! Lucky girl!

  4. I love the colour shift between these pics!
    And, really, nail porn, no matter how slow loading, it has to be here, it’s BrijitDigits! ; )

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