Nail Art News – Invading the Comic Book World

Happy Hump Day! The worst of the week is behind us, woot!

I know I’m not the only slightly geeky one out there, I think you’ll like this post!

Do you remember when we did our Comic Book Nails for the OMD Challenge? These ones :

Comic Book Nail Art - 2000AD - Judge Dredd - Tharg-005


They are based on 2000 AD, a UK-based anthology that’s been coming out weekly since the 70’s. It’s a bit niche I guess, but combines a lot of different genres, from Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Horror, with doses of mythology and lots of back references. I stopped reading it when I moved to France as an International subscription was beyond my means, but got back into it when they started making digital copies available. My mum still has cupboards full of my old progs (issues)!

Wellllll those nails got reblogged on a fan site for the comic in question that goes by the name of ECBT (Everything Comes Back To) 2000 AD right here on WordPress. I’ve never really done the comic book fan-networking thing before, although I’ve been reading 2000 AD since about ’99. Yep, that’s over half my life. So of course I followed along! 

Before I knew it, the admin’s wife was doing her nails too (and actually did an awesome job!)

more nails from ETCB 2000ad

And now it’s getting out of hand! Iz, who does a lot of features for ECBT (Everything Comes Back To) 2000 AD went to a comic convention, and had the most awesome idea in the whole wide world!


nails from ETCB 2000ad


Yep, she got actual artists to sketch Dredd on her nails! I very nearly exploded with jealousy. 

The moral of the story is… Nail Art is invading!! Bwahahaha

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5 thoughts on “Nail Art News – Invading the Comic Book World

  1. Nerd overload, I so love these.

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