I can see you!

Okay, obviously I can’t see you. That would be wierd. But it seemed like a suitable freaky title for freaky nail art 🙂


So it’s Sunday night, and I’m back at work tomorrow after a week off. I’m sure it will be fine, but it’s normal to have a bit of trepidation 😉

Anyways, for this mani I used two A England polishes as the base colours – Camelot and Lancelot, can you tell which is which? Nope, me either! 

Under the ‘eyes’ I used Camelot, a true black. Lancelot, then, is on my index (pointer) and little (pinky) fingers. 


The eyes were actually surprisingly tricky! Mostly because the big white dots took forever to dry. Ah well! It did look super awesome. Definitely not work-friendly though, haha!DSCF2619




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13 thoughts on “I can see you!

  1. Kairi says:

    The title suits well, almost freaked me out 😛 Love th different coloured eyes.

  2. Craftynail says:

    Great nails! Good luck on your monday. Mondays after a vacay are infamously crappy…but yours will be great, i just know it! 😀

  3. It does look incredibly cool!
    And also, a big fan of silly word play and puns, so love the title! : )

  4. 9 to 5 Nails says:

    Love it!! It looks so eerie!!

  5. Cynthia says:

    This reminded me of a friend who randomly texted me: “Why are you wearing those pj’s?” in the middle of the night. I thought it was so creepy I didn’t respond and hoped I had imagined it. his version of funny wasn’t that funny to me. haha

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  7. […] (Nail Art) I CAN SEE YOU! […]

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