Ozotic 505 & 506 *Picture-Heavy*

Happy Monday ladies!

Sooo, I don’t know how it is in your country, but on 1st November in France, it’s a bank holiday for All Saints’ Day. So, although the clocks went back this weekend, and everyone was a bit groggy this morning, it’s nice to have a 4-day week 🙂

Of course, I will probably spend the extra day blogging & making polish. So I’ll start the week as I mean to go on…

Ozotic 505 Collage

I’ve already mentioned that the Ozotic 50X range is my absolute favourite, so I decided to do a bit of swatching. These polishes are fantastic, I wore them over a black base, which means they go further. And I swatched them with my lovely swatching lamps, but I’ve been wearing them for a while, and you definitely see the full colour shift under normal lighting.Ozotic 506 Collage

Both polishes look purpley in the bottle, but 505 has a strong green shift. you also get blue and magenta with this polish! Like, all the time; sitting on the train, at the office, under the shower. My day has mostly been spent staring at my nails…

Ozotic 505 Nail Polish

Ozotic 505

Ozotic 505 Nail Polish-001

Ozotic 505

I’ve not much to say about the formula. It took a little while to dry, but it’s lasting very well – my top coat (that I added after the photos) isn’t one that is very good at protecting against wear, and yet after a day, I don’t even have any tip wear. Which is very rare for me!

Ozotic 505 Nail Polish-002

Ozotic 505

Ozotic 505 Nail Polish-003

Ozotic 505

I think this is my favourite of the two, because the shift is so dramatic!

Ozotic 505 Nail Polish-004

Ozotic 505

Ozotic 505 Nail Polish-005

Ozotic 505


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again anyway – I do not swatch under water! I’m not a mermaid, so if my polish has to be under water to look good, then that’s not very helpful…


On to 506!

Ozotic 506 Multichrome-005

Ozotic 506

Ozotic 506 Multichrome

Ozotic 506

Ozotic 506 Multichrome-001

Ozotic 506

Ozotic 506 Multichrome-002

Ozotic 506

506 has less of a dramatic colour change, but the shift is still there. The main colour is blue, but it goes from a royal purple through blurple to a true blue, and there’s a hint of teal there too ❤

Ozotic 506 Multichrome-003

Ozotic 506

Ozotic 506 Multichrome-004

Ozotic 506

At some angles, I would swear it even passes through gunmetal grey, can you see it too?

Both polishes have a gorgeous microglitter sparkle to them, it’s almost like little stars are shining up through the polish. So, incredibly luminous and very mesmerising!


I’ll bring you some Hallowe’En-themed nail art for the next 3 days… Keep your eyes peeled (not literally… ewwww!)


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21 thoughts on “Ozotic 505 & 506 *Picture-Heavy*

  1. lilirose973 says:

    Coucou, je les adore 🙂

  2. pretty, and so color-shifty!

  3. eklinman says:

    I have a hunch this is a timed post, but it went up the wrong weekend! Nov 1st isn’t till the end of THIS week :-p.

    Then again, the polishes are so pretty, who cares?

  4. Luchessa says:

    505 is absolutely gorgeous. Would wear it any time! wow, i’m almost speechless.

  5. Keri says:

    These are so pretty! 🙂 We don’t get a holiday on Nov 1 in Canada, but we just had Thanksgiving in October! And our clocks don’t go back until next weekend!! Strange how that works out! 😀

  6. Yay, so much nail porn, love those pics!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Wow, the color shift on these is amazing! And yay for 4 day weekends. That actually sounds amazing since I don’t even have 2 days weekends because I have to work on Sundays. Ugh!

    • You have to work on Sundays?! Oh, poor thing!

      When I was studying, I worked almost full-time too… So rarely had a day off. I know how lucky I am to have them now! And this month we have 2 four-day weekends in France 🙂

  8. That is so mean… throwing all that amazing pics around…You should have add a *danger… eyes explode* warning at the top of this post 😉 LOVE! Have them both and love them.

  9. fishgirl182 says:

    I wish I had a bank holiday on Monday. Love these on you. I hear good things about Ozotics but haven’t tried them yet. They remind me of beetles.

  10. […] OZOTIC 505 & 506 *PICTURE-HEAVY* […]

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