MoYou-London Suki Collection 07 Nail Art Stamping Plate

Happy Friday ladies! Well, I guess for any of you further East, it’s already the weekend. Does everyone have nice plans? The clocks go back this weekend in France, so we’ll have an extra hour on Sunday night. I’ve also listed almost all of my backlog of polish in the Boutique, and have some exciting news coming up for the beginning of December. So I guess we’ll be staying at home, which suits me fine 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, MoYou-London kindly sent me some plates to review. I had also purchased a couple, one of which I reviewed here. This plate is from the same series – the Suki Collection – it’s number 7 in the series, and did not disappoint!

First up, stamped in gold over a red polish; I used 4 different patterns, and they all came out gorgeous!

MoYou Suki Collection 07 Stamping Plate

Since you can see the logo in the photo, please just be aware that I am not recommending Bondi NY nail polish currently. My September boxes apparently still haven’t been shipped. They were supposed to go out two weeks ago. I’m not going to get involved in details or controversy, but they have $50 of my money, I have nothing in return, and they are not providing an exact shipping date… I don’t want you wasting money ladies, something feels wrong with that company right now

MoYou Suki Collection 07 Stamping Plate-001

Back to MoYou-London! This Suki plate features Asian-inspired designs like the last one I looked at. So, great for a luxurious-feeling mani! And lots of different patterns one one plate makes it easy to combine several in one look 🙂
MoYou Suki Collection 07 Stamping Plate-003

I seem to be doing a lot of gold stamping on red these days, it must be the onset of winter that’s getting to me! So second time round, I mixed it up a bit with a blurple (Eeek! lol) and off-white creme polish.

MoYou Suki Collection 07 Stamping Plate-004

The blurple is China Glaze Queen B. A stunning colour, very highly pigmented and very smooth to apply. It only took 2 coats and self-levels perfectly. An absolute dream, and this colour is a staple for this season 🙂

MoYou Suki Collection 07 Stamping Plate-002

Do excuse my dry cuticles, it was raining today, and nothing dries them out more than rain 😦

Anywhoo, the stamping patterns are great! though the wider section could maybe have been etched a little deeper, as I seem to have scraped some of the polish out of it.MoYou Suki Collection 07 Stamping Plate-005

Which is your favourite? I like the flowers on my index (pointer) finger best!

And, of course, you can get your plate here if you like what you see 😉

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9 thoughts on “MoYou-London Suki Collection 07 Nail Art Stamping Plate

  1. lilirose973 says:

    Coucou, c’est très joli. J’aime beaucoup le premier nail art 🙂

  2. Psycho says:

    J’en attends une :)) Il me tarde !

  3. That blurple manicure is awesome, sooo pretty : )

  4. tribulons says:

    Lovely 🙂

  5. Lisa N. says:

    Pretty manicures!

  6. […] decided on Butter London‘s Saucy Jack, with some stamping in white from the Moyou London Suki 7 plate. It feels pretty appropriate for a sunny, nearly-spring kinda […]

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