Dragonfly Wing Mini-Tutorial

Hey ladies!

Did you see my dragonfly nail art from 2 weeks ago? Well, the lovely Monica asked for a tutorial of how I did the wings, so here it is 🙂

You will need :

  • a good base coat
  • acrylic paint – I used a dark indigo blue
  • lots of water to dilute the paint
  • acetone and a clean-up brush (even if you don’t usually do clean-up, I recommend it this time!)

a quick step-by-step for those of you who feel confident :

Dragonfly Mini-Tutorial So first up, get your base coat on. Do two coats if you like, this is gonna get messy! 😉

1. Basecoat

Then when it’s thoroughly dry (wet basecoats are not good friends with acrylic paint) – use heavily diluted acrylic paint to tint your nails. This is why you want a lot of base coat. It dry faster if you do lots of thin coats instead of thicker coats.

2. Wash

This is where you really want to do your clean up – get that runny paint out of your cuticles while you still can 😉

Personally I just use a nail art brush dipped in acetone. Some brushes dissolve in acetone. This one got chosen when one day I accidentally dropped it in a bottle of acetone (which was a pain to get out again, can you imagine?!). The brush survived, so now it has a new purpose in life!

3. Cleanup

Then, using nearly-undiluted (I always dilute my paint a little to make it super smooth!) acrylic paint, paint slim lines around the contours of your nails, and curved stripes across your nail, to make the bigger veins in the wings

4. Outline

Then do ‘squiggles’ in between the big veins, to make the little ones. Just use the tip of your brush, not too heavily loaded. This will make them thin and scratchy.
5. Squiggles

…And then wait for it to dry really nicely…

6. More Squiggles


You can either leave these matte – but they may not last as long – or slap on lots of top coat to make them nice and shiny 🙂


Hope you like!


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12 thoughts on “Dragonfly Wing Mini-Tutorial

  1. Katherine Buchanan says:

    This is such an effective look! I love it – thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much!! This really looks awesome!
    I am definitely going to give this a try! I don’t have any paints but I’ll play around and see if I can get the same effect.

    I will tag you when I try it out!

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

  3. Craftynail says:

    I like the tinted look from the diluted paint!

  4. Kitsu says:

    Awesome tutorial! I’ve been thinking about trying acrylic paint on my nails for ages, and I finally have a reason to 😀

  5. I SO don’t feel confident, but I love it on you!
    Plus, that blue tint to the nail is great.

  6. Brijit!

    I tried my hand at the dragonfly manicure!…Except I named it after fireflies when I remembered that dragonflies don’t have lights. hah…

    Anyways, I hope you like it! It did not come out as lovely as yours but I am going to re-try with acrylics. I think I will get much crisper veins that way.

    Thank you again for the wonderful tutorial!

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