Recent (ish) Awards!

I’ve been such a bad blogger recently!

I got nominated for a few blog awards, and although (I’m fairly sure) I took the time to thank the gorgeous ladies that nominated me, I haven’t found time to post about them! Actually, I have a horrible feeling that I’ve forgotten one, so if you nominated me and I haven’t posted about it yet, please let me know ❤ Real Life is slowing down a bit now, and so I’ll be able to keep up better now!

So, the ones I think I haven’t posted about yet are (in no special order)…


Liebster Award from Vic of Vic and her Nails


Liebster Award from Sanne at Nail Polish in my Eyes

The Rules

  1. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination.
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.


Liebster Award from Trine Marie

The Rules

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you for the award
  2. Answer all 11 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate another 11 bloggers to pass the award onto
  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  5. Notify the bloggers whom you have nominated
  6. Optional: Include 11 random facts about yourself

Shine On

Shine On Award from Cherryblossompretty

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you and thank them.
  2. List 7 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you’ve nominated them.


Sunshine Award from Kitsu at Buy All the Colors

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post the award logo on your blog
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 5 or more other blogs that inspire you

Versatile Award

…and I think (mostly because I already have the graphic – I could be wrong….) that I already blogged about The Versatile Blogger Award from Setu at the Nail Art and Beauty Diaries, if I didn’t – thank you honey!

Don’t worry! I’m not going to do a gazillion nominations and questions and stuff !

I’ll cut this down a bit, and do my nominees first. I think 15 overall is reasonable, no? If you want to see my replies to the questions, you can scroll down 😉

liebster-blog-award LiebsterAward_3lilapples

For the Liebster Awards (you can choose the graphics you want to use, my darlings!) – some of them already have a Liebster, but I (personally) think it’s fine to get several! These nominees are for the simple reason that I love them and their blogs are gorgeous!

Ladies, scroll right to the end of this post for your questions!

sunshine-award Shine On

And (since these awards have very similar rules) the Shine On and/or Sunshine Nominees (pick the one you prefer!) – also gorgeous blogs, I don’t know you girls so well, so I can’t wait to hear your random facts !


7 random facts about me

  1. I’m from a big family – I have 2 ‘full’ (same Mum & Dad) sisters, 1 ‘half’ (different Dad – but he’s my ‘real’ brother!) brother, 2 step-sisters and one step brother (my Mum remarried last year). I’m the oldest!
  2. I love animals. Like, utterly adore them. We have 3 – Good Kitty, Naughty/Clingy Kitty and a dwarf rabbit. If we had the space and time, we would definitely have even more!
  3. I listen to a lot of radio – mostly BBC Radio 1. It makes me feel at home, since I live France and my family is all back home in the UK
  4. I drink a lot of tea. Like, 5-10 cups a day. Mostly Yorkshire Tea, but sometimes green tea or other types
  5. I can happily live without chocolate, but don’t ask me to go without crisps. Or chips. Fried potatoes…. Mmmm!
  6. In my (non-blogging) spare time, I look after my Etsy shop, knit, crochet, needle felt and fold origami. And I’m starting to make jewellery to give as Christmas presents!
  7. My favourite favourite beauty product right now is Melvita Young Skin Sebum Balancing Fluid. My skin goes from breakout to breakout, but since I discovered this product a couple of weeks ago, it has calmed down a lot! Previously, I was using a product by LaRoche-Posay, then I found out they are owned by L’Oréal, who test on animals. I’d rather have bad skin than have my money go to torturing defenseless creatures!

My answers to Nail Polish in my Eyes Questions

  1. When and why did you start doing nail art? I’ve always done nail art, more or less. I remember sitting around in the living room in the evening with my mum and my sisters (and later, my half-brother) and we would paint each others nails – I think we already tried dots and stripes and simple things back then!
  2. What inspired you to start your blog? I have a huge nail polish collection and it was hard to keep track of, so I wanted to record it and swatch it all. Now I’m so caught up in nail art, I only swatch a couple of times a week – so at this rate, it would take a couple of years, at least!
  3. What is your most frequently used polish? I try really hard to rotate them, but maybe Butter London Tea with the Queen
  4. What is your favourite color to use in nail art? Black, since it makes for nice, graphic nail art
  5. What technique would you like to master? One-Stroke. I’ve tried a few times, but it’s a technique that takes a while to get really good at!
  6. What is your favorite nail blog to follow? I don’t have just one favourite. My very favourites are on my blogroll 🙂
  7. Which design are you most proud of? that’s a hard one! Most recently maybe this one I did when I swatched Zoya Sailor -it’s actually quite simple, but very graphic, and it got a lot of compliments
  8. What are your future blogging goals?  I don’t really have blogging goals, other than try to bring out at least 5 quality posts a week. I guess I would do well to stick to a more regular schedule!
  9. How many nail polishes do you have? I’ve not counted them. Hang on a second…. 70 China Glaze, 41 Butter Londons, 25 Barry Ms, 24 Models Own, 16 Zoyas, 15 Ciaté, 12 A Englands, 10 ILNPs, 11 Picture Polish, 8 Ozotics, and at least another 70 polishes from various brands… so about 300… Plus the 200 that stock my Etsy shop, and I have about 30 more hidden under the bed! So enough to drive my boyfriend mad, and still not enough to make me feel like my collection is big enough 😉
  10. Where do you get you inspiration from? Kind of everywhere. I try not to read too many other blogs, because I don’t want to end up accidentally copying, but they are, of course, a source of inspiration. Or magazines, films, books, and just random mooching around Google/Wikipedia
  11. And for fun, if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Is unstain-able nails a super power? That would be great, I always worry about that. Or teleportation. It would save me time, for painting my nails, haha

My answers to Vic and Her Nails Questions

  1. Who or what drowned you in nail blogging? A Nail Art Challenge held by Mommy Loves Nail Polish and Polish Alcoholic back in February- it was the first time I really realised how many other nail bloggers are out there, and how we can all link up!
  2. If you had to choose between neon or pastel to be used for the whole year, what will you choose? That’s a hard one! I would actually be okay with using everything but neon and pastel, because the colours I really couldn’t cope without are grey, black and red!
  3. What’s your most used nail art technique? My most-used is probably just doodling on my nails with a nail art pen, but I go through phases – I had a ruffian mani phase, and a French mani phase. I don’t tend to do studs and stickers so much though, it feels wasteful to use things that can’t be re-used so easily.
  4. What was the very first nail polish you bought?  Oh gosh, I don’t even remember! I used to go buy nail polish in the local pharmacy on my way back from school… My addiction goes back a way… I suspect it was Collection 2000, and it was probably black. Or maybe it was Barry M? Those are definitely the two brands I remember from the furthest back, at least.
  5. If you were prohibited to buy more nail polishes and only have one last chance to buy one bottle of nail polish (I know it’s hard but yes, just one!), what would it be? Illamasqua’s Aorta – I genuinely believe that if only I had that polish, my life and collection would be complete. But that’s what all addicts say, isn’t it? 😉
  6. Big city with tall buildings and high-tech life, or small village with farms and green forest? (And both of them have same nail art stores and internet connection LOL) Small village for me every time! I grew up in a village, and if it wasn’t so hard to find work, I would still be in the deep countryside.
  7. What’s your I-can’t-resist-even-when-I’m-full food or snack? Crisps! I could eat crisps all day and every day!
  8. If you had a time machine to travel to the past and future, what year would you like to be in? I would go back to the summer between college and uni. I don’t think I was happier then or anything like that, but there are a few things I would have done differently at uni.
  9. A movie or series? A series. Movies are shorter, and I do like my evenings in watching TV. And if I had to pick which series – probably Eastenders!
  10. If you could have one superpower, what would you choose? As above, haha – un-stain-able nails  Or teleportation
  11. If you’re an ice cream, what kind of ice cream are you? I’m lactose intolerant, so I’d have to be a sorbet… cherry is my favourite flavour, mmm!

My answers to Trine Marie’s Questions

  1. Why did you start blogging? To keep track of my huge polish collection
  2. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? Spam. It really annoys me to spend such a lot of time – and let’s be honest – money too – developing my blog, only to have someone think they can comment for free advertising without even saying anything constructive. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but there is no better way of making me not want to read or promote a blog!
  3. What do you like most about yourself, any why? I’d like to think I’m a generous person. I can be over critical, but I really hope I am as generous as I think I am, haha! Sharing isn’t always easy, but it is always rewarding
  4. What is your favorite beauty product? Melvita Young Skin Sebum Balancing Fluid – it has finally made my skin manageable without having to use a medicated or harsh product ❤
  5. Which blogs do you read on a daily basis? so many! My favourites are on my blog roll 🙂
  6. What is your favorite type of food? Anything fried potato. Or eggs. Or cheese. So I guess, bland stuff with plenty of carbohydrate and salt, haha, not great for my figure!
  7. What are the top 5 things on your bucket list? I don’t have a bucket list. I’d like to develop my blog more. I’m so proud of so far I’ve got. And to keep working on my shop. And get a driving license and nail tech license – I guess ultimately, to be able to support myself financially doing something I love!
  8. What is your favorite season, and why? the summer baby! Nothing beats sitting in the beating sun with a cocktail… And a bowl of crisps 😉
  9. If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be? Back in the countryside near Cambridge where I grew up. I’ll go back one day, but it’s so hard to find work 😦 we all have to make a living, right?
  10. What is one thing you couldn’t go a day without? Tea!!!! (yep, I didn’t say nail polish) – tea is my breakfast, my comforter, my favourite drink in the world!
  11. Who is your role model? I’m not sure I have one! There are a lot of people I admire, but I try to be the best I can be without really comparing myself to others


So for those of you getting a Liebster – here are your questions! It starts sensible and gets funny 😉

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?
  3. What’s your biggest tip for having a fabulous blog?
  4. What is the one nail or beauty product that you couldn’t be without (be specific!)?
  5. Have you told your ‘real life’ friends about your blog? What did they say?
  6. If you couldn’t blog for a week, what else would you spend your free time doing?
  7. What’s the last song you listened to?
  8. What’s your favourite place to be?
  9. Would you rather only be able to have cold drinks in cold weather, or warm drinks in warm weather?
  10. If you could pick a super power, what would it be?
  11. Would you rather have to wear your underwear outside your outwear, or have toilet paper stuck to your shoe all the time?
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15 thoughts on “Recent (ish) Awards!

  1. Victoria Oen says:

    Really fun facts and answers, Brijit! I love knitting and crocheting too 😀 And the un-stain-able nails superpower… love love LOVE that!! Lol
    Thanks for the nomination 😀 *hug*

  2. Craftynail says:

    I still can’t believe you have 70 China Glazes!
    Pretty new gravatar pic 🙂

  3. Luchessa says:

    Ah thank you for another nomination. It’s so sweet every time 🙂 And yeay to my fellow tea drinker 😉 Whats your most favorite flavor?

  4. Kitsu says:

    Haha I love that, “enough to drive my boyfriend mad, and still not enough to make me feel like my collection is big enough”. That describes me perfectly too! And thanks so much for the nomination!

  5. So many awards! Congratulations! : )
    I can’t believe you named your cats Good and Clingy. Too cool.
    Love that superpower : D Although I’d get unbreakable nails. Or claws, if we’re talking superheroes.
    Yay for no chocolate, but yes to all things potato. And fried. It’s so bad. But so good.
    : )

  6. TrineMarie says:

    I always love these types of tags, and I think it’s fun that you put them all together 🙂 I definitely agree with number 2 of your answers to me – nothing annoys me more! And you should definitely get a nail tech licence!

  7. Just Try Things says:

    Congratulations! You deserve them 🙂

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