Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate

Good evening! It’s the weekend, wooop! Everyone got nice plans?

This evening, I’m going to show you the second of three stamping plates that Anni of Vivid Lacquer kindly sent for me to review! The review for the first of the three (VL  009) is here if you’d like to see it 🙂

This time, it’s VL 015 – which is currently out of stock. But Anni restocks really regularly. I know this from personal experience, when the first time I ordered, one of the plates I wanted was out of stock. It came back up really quickly, so check that out here and add it to your favourites if you like what you see!

First of all I tried the tartan pattern. It comes out lovely and crisp, but I found the edges a bit hard to get to print out right. I finally figured out that’s because the room where I was stamping was quite warm, and as the pattern is particularly fine, it was drying out a bit. Still, can you see the amazing definition in the parts that I didn’t screw up?

Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate

I’ll definitely be trying this again – in a cooler room, and with more warm, wintery colours 🙂 I’m thinking red tartan with gold tips over a black base?

Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate-001

Next up, I really wanted to use as many of the musical stamps as I could! I just had to use black, so softened it up with some pink. And a jumper 🙂

Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate-002

Again, incredible definition! I did not touch this up before photographing, so it could have been even more perfect! And I love it when full-cover patterns on plates come with a version with the colours inverted, it’s so much easier to layer for a skittles mani 🙂

Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate-003

I did do my other hand, but got one of the nails upside-down. So no photos of that, haha!

As any Brits will know, Firework Night is coming up soon 🙂 I don’t get to celebrate that in France, but now I can have fireworks on my nails! Again, Anni has thoughtfully added an inverted-version of the full-cover pattern, but I just stamped in white this time.

Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate-004

Again, amazing definition: Can you see the dashed lines between the full ones? And the little stars? I love little stars (yep, grew up in the nineties, baby!) – this was stamped over a similar base that I would use for a galaxy mani – black base, then a sponged mix of holo polish to get it twinkling. But of course, there are so many colour possibilities!Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate-005


I can’t stop staring at this mani (the holo makes it even more mesmerising I guess) – it might be the best stamped mani that I’ve ever done!!

Vivid Lacquer plates are available on Etsy. They are really popular and can sell out quickly, but are re-stocked very regularly, so it’s really worth checking often – plus, there are new patterns every now and then, which are utterly stunning!

Thanks again to Anni for sending me these lovely plates to show you!


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8 thoughts on “Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate

  1. Craftynail says:

    Love your nails Brij! I really like the idea of inverted patterns like you mentioned. And I love little stars too. And hearts. 🙂

  2. Like she said: love. I think I need those plates and blame you entirely.

  3. Looooove the musical mani!

    And those fireworks, gosh, THE DETAILS!

  4. Kitsu says:

    I love the fireworks!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Ahhhh! Stamping! This is lovely.

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