Vivid Lacquer VL 009 Stamping Plate

I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend? We’re having a lazy one, but that’s just as nice (if not nicer…) than a busy weekend! Lots of lie-ins and plenty of time to play with my nails YES PLEASE 😀

So recently Anni of Vivid Lacquer contacted me to kindly offer to send some plates for me to review! Super cool! I’m not the greatest at stamping, so I was super flattered ❤

Like many people, I started off stamping with Konad, and quickly got frustrated at the size of their ‘full cover’ patterns. My nails are pretty long, and fairly wide, so I moved on to Vivid Lacquer plates and have been using them for a while now – the full cover patterns are a huge 2cm x 1.5cm – that’s exactly the right size for my thumb nail, so I can get them all covered with these babies!

It’s pretty hard to know where to start with these plates, each one has so many possibilities! I started off with VL 009, which you can purchase here if you like!

This plate has a couple of water-marble inspired patterns, like this ‘water drop’ one.

VL 009 Stamping Plate-006

Isn’t that great! Since stamping is so much less wasteful than actually doing water-marble patterns with polish, I dared to use polish that I wouldn’t normally want to risk using up too fast – the under-colour is Ozotic 503 and the colour I stamped over the top is Kiko Oil Blue. A subtle effect, but so gorgeous! And of course, the big advantage of a pattern like this is, you don’t have to be too accurate 😉

VL 009 Stamping Plate-005

So with the other ‘water-marble- pattern, I decided to make it look ‘deliberately’ messy with crazy colours under it. It cheered me up in the cold weather 🙂

VL 009 Stamping Plate-004

I had a bit of a smudgy moment with the top coat, but the stamped pattern is super crisp and lovely! And, again, a great way to get a water marble effect without all the waste (and less mess, to boot!)

VL 009 Stamping Plate-003

And last but not least, the thumb print! Gawd, I don’t want to take this one off 😀

VL 009 Stamping Plate-001

It’s sooo fun, you don’t need to be too accurate – I actually think it looks better if you don’t make it too perfect, and frankly, the lines are so crisp, it’s a great stamp

VL 009 Stamping Plate

Just perfect to have beautiful nails while I’m snuggled up on the sofa with clingy kitty and a big jumper 🙂
VL 009 Stamping Plate-002

Yep, all of these patterns are from just one plate – I didn’t even use all the patterns, the possibilities are endless 😀

Vivid Lacquer plates are available on Etsy. They are really popular and can sell out quickly, but are re-stocked very regularly, so it’s really worth checking often – plus, there are new patterns every now and then, which are utterly stunning!

Thanks again to Anni for sending me these lovely plates to show you!

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3 thoughts on “Vivid Lacquer VL 009 Stamping Plate

  1. Craftynail says:

    Coolest designs! The water marble and fingerprints are really unique 🙂

  2. Kitsu says:

    The thumbprint one is such a cool idea 😀

  3. […] Lacquer kindly sent for me to review! The review for the first of the three (VL  009) is here if you’d like to see […]

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