Models Own – Beetle Juice – Emerald Black, Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet & Hayley’s Comet

Good evening! I’ve got another monster swatch post for you 🙂

I got three new models own nail polish from the Beetle Juice collection recently. Since this is very much an autumn/winter collection (for me, at least), I thought it would also be a good time to go over the swatches I did of my original three, and maybe even improve on them!

First up, Emerald Black. This is a nicely covering black creme with a lovely green shimmer. I’ve had this one for over a year, and I have to say, the formula hasn’t thickened at all. I used two coats – one was almost enough!

Models Own - Emerald Black-001

The shimmer does have a pretty good colour shift, there is bright green in there, but also flashes of blue and purple. I didn’t have any brush-stroke problems with this polish, which is a bonus!

Models Own - Emerald Black


Golden Green is also one of the ones I already owned for a while. I’ve gotten down to about 2/5ths of this bottle, and it’s time I ordered a back-up. It takes just two coats, dries super super fast, and brush strokes are pretty minimal.

Models Own - Golden Green Beetle Juice

The bottles must close pretty nicely, since these formula are all just as nice as the day I bought them! Golden Green has the least colour-shift, but there is a lovely microglitter sparkle in there. Plus, it’s that special acidic-green colour that seems to suit any skin tone!

Models Own - Golden Green Beetle Juice-001


Pinky Brown Beetle Juice has a micro-glitter texture. As the glitter is pretty fine, it’s not especially hard to remove, and this does make for a lasting mani. That’s why I’ve already used half of this bottle, too! I used two coats again, and it dries super-duper fast! So it’s great when you need a quick and easy mani.

Models Own - Pinky Brown Beetle Juice-002

The polish applies very smoothly, no brush strokes, and the glittery surface is great! Out of direct light, it’s a rusty colour, and in direct light, it flashes purple and red.

Models Own - Pinky Brown Beetle Juice-001

Don’t you just love the super glittery effect?! I wore this a lot last winter, to bring some warmth to my nails 🙂

Models Own - Pinky Brown Beetle Juice


Purple Blue definitely has the strongest colour-shift of the lot. The black base suspends a microglitter which shifts from green (like my little finger) through blue to a warm, deep purple.

Models Own - Purple Blue

And if you hit the light right you can even get all the colours in one go !  I’d like to point out that my base colour is totally clear, and this is just two coats. With other, more expensive brands, you’d have to put a black base under it!

Models Own - Purple Blue (2)


Aqua Violet has a more pearly finish, the colour tones are quite similar to purple blue though. I definitely need to match them up for a mani!

Models Own - Aqua Violet

I used three (thin!) coats here to get perfect coverage, two will normally be fine, I think.

Models Own - Aqua Violet-001

Pearly finishes like this are usually the most prone to brush strokes, so it’s good to see that models own doesn’t suffer from this problem

Models Own - Aqua Violet-002

The most sheer of them all is Hayley’s Comet, I did use 3 thick coats here. It’s definitely worth it though! The brown-apricot base has the most gorgeous pink-silver-blue-green shimmer; the colours are pretty delicate, but they are all there! 
Models Own - Hayleys Comet

I do feel that this is the most office-friendly of the 6 – what do you think? It certainly isn’t a colour scheme that I’ve seen elsewhere, but it is very flattering! And the reflections give off an impressive range of colours.

Models Own - Hayleys Comet-001

Again, the formula gave me no trouble at all. It is worth noting (personally I struggled to find this information) that all models own polish is three-free (check out this link) and do not test on animals (yay!). They do smell a little more strongly to me than other polishes, but that doesn’t last – it’s only while you are painting your nails.

Models Own - Hayleys Comet-002


I’d say that all of these are a good, inexpensive (£5, 6€ or about $8 I guess) alternative to more expensive duochrome brands – but which is your favourite?


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7 thoughts on “Models Own – Beetle Juice – Emerald Black, Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet & Hayley’s Comet

  1. Craftynail says:

    They’re all so pretty! How can you pick just one fave? I guess I like pinky brown a lot 🙂

  2. Katherine Buchanan says:

    My faves would have to be pinky brown and the dark blue purple – but the green gold is pretty too! Well maybe all of them! After all there are only 6 – they’re all lovely!

  3. Julie says:

    Hayley’s Comet looks gorgeous!! They’re all very pretty though

  4. batmomo says:

    Pinky brown is the most gorgeous of all! But I love them all!!

  5. Kitsu says:

    Purple blue is so pretty!

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