#31DC2013 – Half Moons


Please note that I no longer recommend Bondi New York as a company. For a full explanation, please see this post.

Good evening!

So I guess it’s only Wednesday. Bummer! I don’t know about you, but I’ve come down with the classic autumn cold, that’s a drag. So, to make me feel better, and because, well, I deserve it, I treated myself to an Urban Decay Revolution lipstick today. With the help of a friend (and the chick in Sephora), I settled on “69”. It’s amazing!

I’m usually not that confident in bright lipstick (even though I wish I was), but that stuff is perfect, and I think it actually looks good on me! So big props to Urban Decay. I might just try another colour too because if they can make shy, cold-stricken me feel this good, they deserve my money! Plus, the texture is gorgeous, it doesn’t even feel like lipstick to me 🙂 so there’s me feeling better!

So today’s challenge is half moons. I’ve seen some amazingly elaborate half moons which look great, but personally I prefer to keep them simple. I kinda feel like my own thumbnail was photo-bombing me here, lol…

31DC2013 - Half Moons-001

I used Barry M Gold Foil Effect Nail Paint as a base. It’s pretty much a one-coater and dries fast, then a French guide sticker went on and a coat of Bondi New York Lady Liberty. That’s pretty much a one-coater too (if you’re careful), and a healthy dose of top coat. Easy peasy and I love how clean and classy this looks 🙂

31DC2013 - Half Moons

Check out the other half moon nail art here :

Or click the image below to see Chalkboard Nails‘ original post


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12 thoughts on “#31DC2013 – Half Moons

  1. Victoria Oen says:

    Ouuch so pretty! I always love the combination of green and gold!

  2. Just Try Things says:

    gorgeous nails!

  3. Julie says:

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂 Love your color combo!

  4. Feel better soon lovely! I have a cold at the moment too. I am counting down to get my first Bondi polish – have you ordered next months box?

    • I did, but there is a massive delivery problem 😦 I won’t be getting it for at least a month !

      I really like the brand, and they’ve been really open about it, but I’m still tempted to cancel, just because I chose these colours back at the end of August, so I don’t know if I will even still want them by the end of October ! Decisions, decisions…

  5. Love this technique 🙂
    oh and there’s an award for you on our blog 🙂 xoxo


  6. Kitsu says:

    Woo I love the UD Revolution lipsticks! The teal and gold work so well together! And hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • Thanks honey, I already feel a bit better today 🙂
      Those lipsticks are amazing, I’m not usually a lipstick person (though I wish I were!) so I’m totally surprised to love that one so passionately !

  7. ck says:

    Well done! Pretty pretty 🙂

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