#31DC2013 – Green Nails

Please note that I no longer recommend Bondi New York as a company. For a full explanation, please see this post.


I’m back ! We had a great time in Normandy. The weather on Tuesday morning was very very foggy, and pretty cold, but from lunchtime onwards and all day yesterday, it was beautiful! I think I might even have tanned a little 🙂

We stopped off in Honfleur on the way up, and then we stayed in the most gorgeous little hostel overnight, and spent all day at Mont St Michel. It’s still quite busy at this time of year, but wasn’t too bad. Of course, I got some photos to show you, they’ll be up as soon as I’ve caught up on my emails 🙂

I see that I have a few new followers! Hi guys 🙂 Feel free to comment and say hi ! I know I’m not so great at replying to comments at the moment, I do read every single one though! And you can always shoot me an email if you’re worried I’ll miss your comment.

On to the nails ! I decided to keep it simple and non-freaky this time !

31DC2013 - Green Nails

My base colour is Bondi New York – The Limelight (love love love!) and  I did a quick and dirty glitter gradient up from the cuticle with China Glaze‘s I’m Not Lion. This glitter polish is from my favourite Fall/Autumn collection, from 2011 I think – On Safari.

31DC2013 - Green Nails-001

Both polishes were perfect to work with. I’m considering ordering a back-up bottle of Limelight though !

Blue nails will be coming up this evening!

31DC2013 - Green Nails-002

Check out the other green nails here : 
Or click the image below to see Chalkboard Nails‘ original post


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11 thoughts on “#31DC2013 – Green Nails

  1. grandijoosje says:

    oooh I love that shade of green!!!

  2. Katherine Buchanan says:

    Sounds like you had a great time away 🙂 glad you’re back safe and sound.

    Love the mani. I haven’t tried a glitter mani yet … Maybe this is the time to try. For some reason I’m happier to try new techniques when I’m doing a challenge than just to practice them on my own :-D.

    • Thanks Katherine 😀
      I know exactly what you mean – I’m the same! But you know, even when it doesn’t go right, someone can always find something nice to say about it, so don’t be afraid to share it anyway ! Plus, some bloggers/instagrammers always have such perfect nails, it’s nice to see a real, messy mani from time to time 😀

  3. Luchessa says:

    Sweetie, say how do you put the glitter polish on in this case? Do you just dab the brush carefully on or do you use a sponge??

  4. Elise G says:

    OOoh, green is my favorite color, and this one is so eye-catching!

  5. Lisa N. says:

    This is lovely! Love the glitter gradient too 🙂

  6. Limelight is on sale for $8 free shipping at the moment… I know this because I just ordered a bottle and it’s totally your fault!

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