Ozotic – 528 (and piCture pOlish PMT)

So maybe I should have invited some guest bloggers to cover my holidays, haha !

Ah well, you’re still stuck with me 😉

Today I have a gorgeous duochrome glitter to show you – Ozotic 528. I popped this over piCture pOlish PMT because I’m a bit obsessed with trying to stick to the same brand for different polishes in each mani… I won’t swatch this for you, since better bloggers have been there and done that, but here’s the result I got with a bit of striping tape…

Ozotic - 528


It’s a stunner, huh? 528 shifts from green to purple, and the glitter is beautifully suspended in the bottle. The only criticism I have of this polish is that the glitter is quite sparse; I had a good dib-dab and this is the thickest I could get it… in 3 coats! Of course, that means it is the perfect polish for a glitter gradient! But if you want a lot of glitter, be prepared for a thick load of polish. Of course, it reduces a little as it dries, but I had to add 4 coats of top coat to the non-glittered parts to get this mani smooth.

Ozotic -528 - 2


Still, that colour shift is gorgeous! Here’s another photo to wow you…

Ozotic -528 - 3


I’m definitely starting to have a nice little collection of Ozotics – does anyone have any recommendations?



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3 thoughts on “Ozotic – 528 (and piCture pOlish PMT)

  1. makeupyournails0 says:

    Wow it’s really beautiful !

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Gorgeous color! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous combo! And don’t worry doll I’ll stick with you. 🙂

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