Ciaté – Chinchilla

Happy Tuesday ! We’ve all survived Monday and are one day closer to the weekend, woot !

Today I’ve got Ciaté‘s Chinchilla for you. This is a pale grey-blue creme that I got in the flash 50% off sale back in June.

Ciaté - Chinchilla

The formula is a little thick. It wasn’t as hot as it has been when I tried it, but it did bubble quite a bit, and was a bit draggy. This is 3 coats in a (mostly vain) attempt to have it level out.

That said, the colour is gorgeous, subdued but a little bit edgy and very flattering against a tan – and I can totally see myself using this as a base for nail art 🙂

Ciaté - Chinchilla-001


What is with the bows on Ciaté bottles? It’s a cute idea, but they often seem to be stuck on badly, I had to keep pulling this one out of the way to open or close the bottle.


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6 thoughts on “Ciaté – Chinchilla

  1. Elise G says:

    This color is really elegant! That said, a lot of Ciate product seems to look better “on paper” than in real life. Cute packaging, great ideas, but kind of average execution of the concept.
    I demand more for my hard-earned dollars! ahem, sorry – rant over 🙂

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Great color! 🙂 I love it a lot.

  3. Kitsu says:

    That’s too bad about the quality. I love the color though, such a pretty non-boring gray!

  4. I have a similar complaint about lazy bow sticking but I have to say that the three ciate polishes I own do apply very nicely.

  5. The bottle’s look cute, but then that all said. I don’t have a love for this brand.

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