Swatches – Ciaté – Fairground (Hoopla, Ferris Wheel, Candy Floss)

I finally got my damn Ciaté order from their flash sale!

First of all, I totally get that turn around time is going to be a bit longer after a flash sale; but just a few hours after making my purchase, I was informed that it was ‘dispatching’. Ten days later, the status hadn’t changed. So I wrote a message to ask if someone had actually spent 10 days trying to get a (8 item) order ready, or if it had already been dispatched.

Three days later, I got a message saying that someone would check with the dispatch centre and let me know. I sent an email back to say thanks and ask if there was a stock problem (I was going to offer to let them change items if that made life easier for them…) but no reply. A week later, no news. So I sent another email (the Twitter feed didn’t say anything helpful, either), and no reply.

Another three days, and I sent another message via the contact form to ask what was going on, and explain that I would just like to have an idea of an estimated dispatch date. And all of a sudden they reply & dispatch. So my order was in ‘dispatching’ for well over two weeks… very odd. And I do not appreciate being told that someone will get back to me, then not hearing anything for a week ! Bad customer service.

Then, to make matters worse, it was dispatched via FedEx (no mention of that on their website…). Now, I appreciate that FedEx is super fast, and the people that work there are very nice. But my local depot does not do delivery rounds on a Saturday (although it said I could schedule a Saturday delivery on their website…) and they aren’t even open so that you can pick up a parcel on a Saturday. Not helpful, since I work full time. So the whole bleeding thing was far more hassle than it was worth, IMHO.


Anyway, on to the nail polish 😀


Hoopla is the shade that I really really wanted to try the most. I’m always on the look out for the perfect peach creme. Unfortunately, this isn’t it. First up, I didn’t realise that peach makes my fingers look dirty in the summer ! it brings out odd green tones to my fingers, and I feel like they look grass stained. Still, that’s not the polish’s fault.

Ciaté - Hoopla

As much as I love the Ciaté brush, and long cap, Hoopla isn’t very easy to level. It has a real tendancy to drag if you’re not careful. And since it has a creme texture, I’m a little disappointed to see so much smile line through at the tips… this is at 3 generous coats. It’s okay. I’m sure I’ll wear it. But it’s not the peach creme, not for me anyway.

Ciaté - Hoopla-001


Ferris Wheel has, typically for a blue, a really rubbish formula. It’s like they didn’t even try. I get that it’s likely to bubble, it’s about 30°C (nearly 90°F) where I am right now; so I can live with that. But it is so thick and streaky !

Ciaté - Ferris Wheel

* not Candy Floss, Ferris Wheel… oops !

What a shame, though, because in itself, Ferris Wheel is a lovely blue, very flattering; it’s a very very cold blue, which sets it apart a bit from the more neutral- pale blues out there. Again, this is three generous coats for opacity.

Ciaté - Ferris Wheel-001


Candy Floss, however, is a total gem. It’s not a colour I would necessarily gravitate towards, but it’s super flattering, and the formula is amazing ! very smooth, self-levels perfectly, and didn’t bubble, even in this heat!

Ciaté - Candy Floss

So although I wasn’t expecting it, it really is my favourite of the three. Coverage isn’t 100%, this is three coats. But I can live with a little VNL like this 🙂

Ciaté - Candy Floss-001


After the Chalkboard set (which is frankly, shameful), and the customer service (or lack of), I don’t think I’ll be making an effort to get more Ciaté for my stash. Some are nice, sure, and I’ve tried a few now, so if they happen to have an original shade that I really want, it’s okay quality overall, but I wouldn’t say it’s worth going out of your way for…


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17 thoughts on “Swatches – Ciaté – Fairground (Hoopla, Ferris Wheel, Candy Floss)

  1. Sarah says:

    I got a little confused because you accidentally labeled the first picture of Ferris Wheel ‘Candy Floss’. I just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  2. Lisa N. says:

    They need to improve on their customer service! It sounds really bad. Those are some pretty colors you picked though.

  3. daPerley says:

    Light blue cremes use to be har to applicate unfortunally…

    Ciaté have some really pretty cremes (even if they ain’t that uniqe) but I honestly think that with that costumer service I rather buy my cremes from somewhere else with a better service and probably a better price too 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness that’s awful ): I love the look of Ciate bottles, but I always feel that I can easily find dupes from cheaper brands. Ciate costs $30 here!

  5. Elise G says:

    I just CANNOT with shabby customer service. Sorry you had to go through all that, just for some nail polish!
    It’s interesting how blue polish shades are difficult to work with – it’s the same in the printing industry. Some blue pigments take forever to dry or cure; Reflex Blue is notorious. (Although it’s the BEST official color name ever)

  6. Kitsu says:

    That customer service sounds awful! Candy Floss is pretty though 🙂

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