OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 22. Animal Themed

You’ll have to excuse my frazzled brain. We’re into a third week of this heatwave, and although I love the sun, I’m starting to find the lack of sleep a bit hard to cope with. So be prepared for a seriously abstract mani, haha!

I have issues with birds; I’ve always been scared of them. The fluttering and flying makes me nervous, and they just look so strange, and sort of gross. But this weekend, whilst I was sweating it out in the garden, I actually enjoyed watching some sparrows dancing overhead. There’s a clan of about 8 that have been dancing around in our garden (sooo funny, to see our indoor cats watching them!) and it was fascinating to watch these funny, chirruping little balls of brown feathers suddenly become gracious and athletic, diving around in the sky – it was as if they were totally transformed !

So I really wanted to do a bird mani tonight, and had a funky parrot on my VL 001 plate to test out !


After being reassured that there are red parrots out there, I did some Googling and found out that they often have yellow, blue and green in there. Since I have done quite a bit of freehand nail art with brushes recently, I went for a dotticure 🙂



The base coat is Rose Bower, the yellow, green and blue are all by China Glaze – Solar PowerPassion in the Pacific and Aqua Baby.

And, well, I did warn you that it’s pretty abstract !


Here’s the Inlinkz for today, do click on it to see everyone’s entry 🙂

22. Animal Themed : 

Or you can click on this last image to go to the reference page and take part !


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6 thoughts on “OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 22. Animal Themed

  1. Lisa N. says:

    This turned out great! 🙂

  2. my brother had a bird land on the brim of his hat yesterday, he about passed out, I think he has the same problem!

  3. dymphnarose says:

    I like this, great job! My cat likes to eat birds, true story. Also, my husband calls birds “rats with wings”. LOL

  4. TrineMarie says:

    These are really gorgeous and fun 😀

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