Ciaté – Boudoir, Fade to Greige, Play Date, Headliner & Dangerous Affair

Ciaté is now available in Sephora in France (and all of Europe, I think). The packs (like the Caviar and Chalkboard) have been available for a while, and a small range of the polish is too 🙂

After seeing the (lack of) quality in the Chalkboard Set, the amazing Nail Mail from Sabrina showed me that, actually, Ciaté has a lot to offer, so I ordered up a lot in the flash sale last week, but since I’m very impatient, I also sauntered down to Sephora in my lunch break, armed with a handy 20% off voucher, and went crazy!

First up, Boudoir is a lovely, classic orange-leaning red. It’s the perfect red for summer, but was a bit tricky to get smooth – surely partly because it is swelteringly hot today, but I didn’t have the same problem with the others…

Ciaté - Boudoir

As you can see on my little finger, I also had some pooling issues in the cuticles. I know, I could have cleaned it up, but it’s the principal that bothers me !

This is 3 coats, you can see the finish is glossy, but a little uneven (despite my best efforts and lots of patience), and I always have this same problem with bright reds – there is a lot of tip showing. So next time, I will have to add some undies (no, not clothes undies! A base coat…)

Ciaté - Boudoir-001


Fade to Greige is a really strange polish. It is kind of greige under the right light. But under most lighting, it just looks brown to me… Below, you can actually see the difference, with the very slight difference in angle of my nails…

Ciaté - Fade to Greige

Still, the formula is great, and it only takes 2 coats for opacity. WIN! I think I’ll probably be putting it away until the winter, though…

Ciaté - Fade to Greige-001


I picked up Play Date because it looked like a nice, saturated, bright pink for the summer. Yet, on my nails, I swear that this is a red. It’s described as a pink that leans to coral on the website, what do you think?

Ciaté - Play Date

The coverage is a little better than Boudoir, but still, at 3 coats, it’s not totally opaque.

Ciaté - Play Date-001


Headliner is my official favourite of the five… It sits somewhere between turquoise and teal, and is a great colour for any season. Plus, it applies super smoothly, is totally opaque in 2 coats, and has the most beautiful semi-matte finish.

Ciaté - headliner

French girls are super conservative about their nail polish (broadly speaking, of course – there are more and more who are getting interested in different finishes, nail art and such like), so I’m a bit worried that this polish will be a flop sales-wise. Especially as it’s not marked anywhere to expect a semi-matte finish. I mean, I love it, but I was still surprised…

Ciaté - Headliner-001



I was so busy at work last week, I ended up wearing this polish all week – utterly unheard of for me !

But I wasn’t disappointed, Dangerous Affair is a stunner. It’s a little more brown-toned than Vampire by Picture Polish, but is a nice blood-red gelly. I used 3 1/2 coats for opacity (that is, 2 coats, half a coat on my tips only then another coat).

Ciaté - Dangerous Affair-001

It’s super super glossy, and with just a quick (thin) lick of (not especially hard wearing) top coat, lasted me through 4 days of work (that’s about 35 hours typing almost non-stop) with just minor tip wear… This polish is going to be a real go-to all winter ! The only down side is that it has a pretty long drying time, but that’s what fast dry top coats are for, haha!


What’s your favourite of the bunch?


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14 thoughts on “Ciaté – Boudoir, Fade to Greige, Play Date, Headliner & Dangerous Affair

  1. Kairi says:

    My fave is definitely the last one – Dangerous Affair 🙂

  2. Elise G says:

    I’ve been noticing more and more polishes with that (unintended?) demi-matte finish. Especially blue and teal shades. I like a little variety in my polish, but when it’s not advertised as having a “unique” finish, I become rather grouchy. It just seems unprofessional, especially from an expensive brand!
    You’d think brands would take the opportunity to introduce an “exclusive new finish: satin” or “eggshell” or something.

    • I even looked on their website, the only mention of a semi-matte finish was a comment left by a customer (promoting her blog)… I mean, for those of us who like stuff like that, it’s great, but I think the average customer will be disappointed…

  3. Kitsu says:

    Pretty! I love Headliner and Play Date! I can kind of see the pink-coral, but I agree it looks pretty red.

  4. Craftynail says:

    Play date looks reddish. but so pretty !

  5. Lisa N. says:

    Great colors you picked up from Ciate! They all look great. I really like Headliner and Play Date.

  6. Katherine Buchanan says:

    Dangerous Affair for me! Love the deeper colour!

  7. eklinman says:

    Ok, I REALLY don’t get ciate. The bottles are cute, but I feel like I can get these shades for much cheaper! Even their special things (the beads, the chalkboard) there are either cheaper sets out there, or they end up being a flop.

  8. Marisa says:

    Play Date and Headliner are definitely my favorites. Great colors!

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