OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 6. Neon

It’s neon day !

I totally admit I stole was inspired by Eeeek’s purple mani here 🙂


So I got a bit carried away, these leopard spots are humongous ! But never mind, I love this mani, such a shame that I can’t keep it on for long…



Buuut, we’ve got friends coming round this evening, I’m pretty sure I can persuade her to let me attack her nails with the same pattern… May have to ply her with wine first… I’ll post it to my instagram if I manage to get on the case 😉


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Here’s the Inlinkz for today, do click on it to see everyone’s entry 🙂

6. Neon : 

Or you can click on this last image to go to the reference page and take part !


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19 thoughts on “OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 6. Neon

  1. Hi five for doing humongous leopard prints for neon day haha! ^^ what’s your IG? I can’t believe I’m not following you there!

  2. Craftynail says:

    Yowzer! I lovee these! I dare you to get your man friends drunk and convince them they need leopard nails too! Lol

    • Lol, unfortunately my bloke doesn’t drink, and his mate will be driving his precious BMW, so won’t drink either… But the thought had crossed my mind 😉

  3. Lisa N. says:

    I love leopard print manicures! This is so fun. Plus, the bigger spots look really good too 🙂

  4. Glitteratzi says:

    I love these! Good luck with the friends nails ;p

  5. Kitsu says:

    We both did leopard! Yours came out so much prettier though, I’m jealous 😀

  6. Kairi says:

    I wish I could do leopard print this good :P, maybe I should steal your design and make the dots extra large :D. I really like the design!

  7. Katherine Buchanan says:

    I wonder what’s happened with my connection now … I can only see the comments on your posts now, not your text and photos! 😥 Roll on mercury retrograde!

  8. […] had hard time choosing my favourite and therefore I combined three amazing entries. Brijit’s entry for neon, Seize the Nail’s entry for ruffian and Eeeek’s entry for purple nails. I am so happy, […]

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