Very Special Nail Mail from the Polish Alcoholic – Ciaté, MaxFactor & Herôme

So this week I have been really spoiled with the nail mail ! 

The first to arrive, and possibly the most special came from Sabrina, who blogs over at the Polish Alcoholic. She’s such a sweetheart!

When I first started blogging I didn’t expect anyone to read it. I just had a huge collection I wanted to swatch. But a huge turning point came when there was a nail art contest run by Polish Alcoholic and Mommy Loves Nail Polish. Then I started to have more contact with other lovely bloggers, and became a total fan girl (I’m gonna put up a list soon to tell you all about these amazing blogs!) – and I’ve been in touch with Sabrina ever since. She’s such a darling, and I squealed with delight when I knew she would send me some nail mail. And you can imagine how happy I was to see this turn up !


I really should have photographed it before I opened it, every polish was individually wrapped with ribbons and everything, so cute ! And the colours… This girl really knows my tastes ! Plus, these are all brands I haven’t already got – how much attention to detail !

So, from left to right, let me introduce you to my new babies 🙂

Ciaté’s Regatta is a gorgeous blue with microglitter. If that’s not enough, it’s a one-coater. And it dries semi-matte! I love semi-matte polish !! It’s a true jean-blue and dries super fast, I totally am in love with this polish.

Ciaté - Regatta Ciaté - Regatta-001


Herôme is a brand that I’ve not tried before. I don’t know if it’s even available in France.

I love the long, slim bottle, it’s super classy ! And the colour… Helsinborg is exactly the perfect pink! Lovely and warm, very glossy, a little bit translucent (which makes your nail look less flat, IMHO), and take a close look at the shimmer in the second photo *swoon* (don’t look too closely at my cuticles though… I’ve swatched over a dozen polishes today, so be nice!)

Herôme - Helsinborg

Herôme - Helsinborg


Fantasy Fire is going to need a post all to itself. I will have to try it over just about every other colour, haha! So for this quick mention, I’ve popped it over black. It shifts from burgundy red to green ! Stunning ! I cannot wait to try this over blue. And purple. And green. And cream. And red… You get the idea…




Last but definitely not least, Sherbert Fizz also totally won my heart! This baby is a sheer strawberry red, very summery, very elegant, and super shiny. I’ve not used top coat for these photos, and found it hard to avoid having the camera lens reflected straight back in these photos !

Ciaté - Sherbert Fizz Ciaté - Sherbert Fizz-001


Sabrina, my darling, I cannot thank you enough ! I am so in love with these polishes and my head is buzzing with all the ways I’m going to wear them !


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11 thoughts on “Very Special Nail Mail from the Polish Alcoholic – Ciaté, MaxFactor & Herôme

  1. Lisa N. says:

    That’s such a sweet nail mail package you received! Some wonderful colors too 🙂 I love them all after seeing your swatches 🙂

  2. Craftynail says:

    Regatta sounds great! I love one-coaters!!!!!!!! I’m sure you appreciated it’s coverage- especially if you swatched 12 today!

  3. Ahww sweetie! I am so glad that you like all of them. I tried my best to get you something you don’t already have. These look great on you!
    You might want to try Fantasy Fire over a blurple base. It is stunning. Such a shame that it comes only in such a tiny tiny bottle!
    Oh and WIC by Herome is a Dutch brand 🙂 I thought it would be nice for you to have something from my country 🙂
    Enjoy them hon! Xx

    • you are so kind !
      deffo will try it over blurple, I also saw a swatch over a pale neutral which was stunning!
      I see we get some Herome base coats over here – do you know if they’re any good?

      Thanks again my lovely xx

  4. 9 to 5 Nails says:

    Ohhm that Ciate regatta makes me drool

  5. Luchessa says:

    Does that girl pack great gift packages or what!? 😉 Love regatta!!

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  7. […] seeing the (lack of) quality in the Chalkboard Set, the amazing Nail Mail from Sabrina showed me that, actually, Ciaté has a lot to offer, so I ordered up a lot in the flash sale last […]

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