Zoya – Loredana

As I write this, part of me is freaking out with the un-summery-ness of this polish. But you know what, it is a great polish, and I love it. Even in the summer. So there !

I love that although this polish is matte, it catches the light !

I love that it’s gunmetal grey, and that is a cool colour. I want to wear this polish next time I go to see Metallica or Machine Head. I love how it doesn’t chip (and you don’t want to ruin the finish with a top coat).

Zoya - Loredana

I love it because, like Veruschka, it dries super super fast. It only needs two coats. The formula is buttery smooth and super easy to work with.

And last but not least, I love this nail polish because it looks great with my brushed steel ring 🙂

Zoya - Loredana

Well, you get the message, I quite like this polish, haha !


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7 thoughts on “Zoya – Loredana

  1. Craftynail says:

    It has a really cool finish!

  2. thebubblybrunette says:

    This is so pretty I’m practically drooling lol

  3. Lisa N. says:

    The finish is so cool on this! Really adds a uniqueness to the color. Doesn’t matter if its not a summery color. Its nice to see something like this every once in a while too 🙂

  4. Kitsu says:

    That’s such a unique color, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it before. It looks awesome 😀

  5. […] two Zoyas – The green with a golden sparkle is Yara. The matte velvet on my ring finger is Loredana. And on my index (pointer) and little fingers, I used a base of Barry M Gold Foil Effect and put […]

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