Zoya – Bevin

So I’m fairly sure I have a relative called Bevin. Probably. You see, my family is totally spread out all over the place. And I think my great aunt who lives in Australia married a handsome Aussie called Bevin. So this polish makes me think of him. Though I’ve never actually met him, so that was an interesting anecdote, huh?!

Well, I really do love Zoya polish, and it’s so expensive out here, I try to go for shades that I know I will wear! Bevin is a grey-green creme. It is opaque in 3 (thin) coats and has a lovely finish :

Zoya - Bevin


The bottle makes it look a little more luminous, ย in my opinion, than it does dried on the nail; though the colour remains a nice, work-friendly but a little different from the usual neutrals, reds and pinks. In the bottle I would have said this polish is fine for the spring, but since it dries (half a shade?) darker, maybe it’s more of an autumn shade. Having said that, it would look awesome with some white nail art over it…

Zoya - Bevin


What do you think? Is this too grey for the spring/summer?


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16 thoughts on “Zoya – Bevin

  1. lastcontrast says:

    hahah – bevan is a kind of stereotypical australian name.. maybe he is a bevan? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Bevan

  2. Craftynail says:

    Maybe it is a little more autumnal but I would still wear it. To quote my fave line from Blimbo247’s blog “i do what I want”! LOL!

    • yeah, I think you’re right ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m totally seasonal about my polish, though, it’s like an OCD thing – so when I can’t work out what season I want to wear it in, I never end up wearing it at all !

  3. Elise G says:

    I think we have a city council member in San Francisco named Bevin. That’s your random fact of the day ๐Ÿ™‚ This polish is beautiful; I like the subtle smoky-gray undertone to it.

  4. We love the color, I think any color goes in any season as long as you make it work lol xx

  5. Lisa N. says:

    Yeah I agree this shade is better to wear in the fall than right now. I have a mini bottle of this but have yet to try it out. It looks great on you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kitsu says:

    Love the color! I kind of like the grayness in it. Maybe it would be cute with a flowery sun dress for the summer?

  7. Haha that little anecdote was really cute! ^^ I love the colour, and it looks great on you! (:

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