Essie – Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It’s Me *picture heavy*

Happy Monday !

I hope everyone’s got a nice week ahead of them. Where I work, things are really amping up; but I’m also working on a couple of side projects that you’ll hear about very soon on this blog 🙂

I saw these beautiful polishes at the supermarket local to work and could not resist! Beautiful, bright neon cremes.

First up, Bottle Service. A hot pink. Of course, being a neon, it’s translucent. This is how it looks with no undies (wooo!) :

Essie - Bottle Service

I love the semi-matte finish of these neons 🙂

The formula for Bottle Service is very very thin ! I actually prefer thin, personally. But to see so little coverage at 3 coats was still a bit of a bummer. Still, it dries very quickly and doesn’t streak.

Essie - Bottle Service

DJ Play that Song is the one lending its name to the collection. I found the formula a little easier to work with than Bottle Service, and the colour is just stunning!

Again, without undies, it’s  a little transparent, but I do think it looks more jelly than messy – and it’s super-pigmented!

Essie - DJ Play That Song

It’s a very flattering colour, no?

Essie - DJ Play That Song

And, because it’s my favourite, you get a nail macro, that semi-matte finish is so tasty 🙂

Essie - DJ Play That Song

Bouncer, It’s Me was my least favourite, however. The formula isn’t just thin, it’s watery. Yep, it dries fast like the others, but without undies like this, it looks dirty – and this is after clean up, ladies ! I’m usually a big fan of the Essie brushes, but this still felt a little streaky.

Essie - Bouncer, It's Me

At least there’s some good pay-off for your trouble, the finish is quite stunning. And yep, I hadn’t noticed that bit of splodge on this photo… ooops!

Essie - Bouncer, It's Me

As we all know, neons look best with white undies !

This is how it came out for me, two coats of each. Please bear in mind that the white I have is awful. I think the only one that didn’t level out is Bouncer, It’s me – it probably could have done with a 3rd coat. No top coat for this first one, did I say how I love the semi-matte finish already??

Essie - Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It's Me

Essie - Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It's Me

Well, I did hope that a shiny top coat would have an evening effect on this polish. Unfortunately, it looks more patchy ! Strangely, it’s the pink that comes out nicest with a top coat. I would therefore definitely recommend a third coat of these if you want to topcoat them afterwards!

Essie - Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It's Me

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15 thoughts on “Essie – Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It’s Me *picture heavy*

  1. Craftynail says:

    The pink one is so pretty and i like the VNL. Everyonce in a while i get VNL and i surprisingly love it.

  2. I have to say the no undies (you bad girl you) actually do look great for the first two and the colours still remarkably pop. You’re right about murky blue – it’s a shame but I do think based on these swatches I would definitely be passing on Bouncer, It’s Me (despite being on the hunt for the perfect bright blue). Gorgeous pics as ever and I love the skittle 🙂

    • Thanks PMP 🙂 I thought of you when I decided to post so many photos in one post ! It’s not so much bright as pigmented, but I totally recommend Butter London’s Blagger – it’s the only blue I’ve found that pops *and* has a great formula – it’s actually a one-coater (I’ll have to put up a swatch !)

      • Oooo I look forward to seeing the swatch, I don’t actually own any Butter London although there was some nail art with “scuppered” earlier in the week that is making me wonder if I should. I do think they’re quite pricey though so maybe will have to wait until my birthday…

  3. Well, that’s that then. I’m going to have to get DJ and Bottle service now… damn you woman and your lovely swatches! 😉

  4. Oh my! Really love the first two! LOVE I say! Bet the blue looks awesome over white undies 🙂

  5. Lisa N. says:

    Pretty shades! Perfect for the season 🙂

  6. Püppi says:

    Bouncer itßs me looks awesome with a white basecoat underneath =)

  7. Kathryn says:

    Yep the blue’s notsohotso but the others are fab. As a result I bought the purple but was surprised that the brush was really skinny instead of the usual Essie chunky brush, did you find this too?

  8. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the info Brijit, I guess I was just unlucky! I still love the colour though and am tempted by the pink the more I look at your pictures…….!

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