Pretty & Polished – Day Trippin’ *picture heavy*


Another beauty that I found on Etsy !

Colour changing polishes are pretty popular at the moment, and Pretty & Polished have a range that change colour depending on temperature. I already did a guest post for Gin Shivers about DolliPop that you can find here, and today I’ve got Day Trippin’ to show you 🙂

Day Trippin’  has a great formula, it glides on. When cold, it’s a deep purple – almost aubergine – that is nice and opaque. Warm, it becomes a hot pink, that’s a bit translucent. So I went with 3 coats, to get it a lot more opaque. The colour changing effect is beautifully sensitive, and I’m lucky enough, in a warm room, to get a great ombré effect :


I did cap the ends of my nails, as I had a bit of shrinkage during drying. No biggie, it was just a bit noticeable because the colour is so dark.

To show you how sensitive Day Trippin’ is, just holding a cold glass changes the colour in an instant :


I really love the natural semi-matte finish, but the scattering of glitter is brought out nicely by a top coat :

DSC03967 DSC03971

I know, I know, that’s a lot of photos – I actually kept this polish on for 4 days, that’s a very long time for me. It’s like 3 polishes in one !



Have you tried colour changing polishes? What did you think?


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One thought on “Pretty & Polished – Day Trippin’ *picture heavy*

  1. Lisa N. says:

    So cool! The color changing effect is awesome 😀

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