Pixie Polish – Memory Splice

Good morning!

I’ve not posted much recently because I’ve been preparing some gems for you 🙂 I’ll start a new giveaway tomorrow, and Julie has been kind enough to let me piggyback onto her April Challenge ! Plus, I have a whole collection from Northern Star to show you, a Liebster Award to accept & pass on (has it been 10 days since that happened already?!) aaaand a few other indie swatches coming up… April is gonna be busy, busy busy !

First of all I’d like to show you a Pixie Polish from the Muses Alchemy on Etsy.

This polish is called Memory Splice, I ordered it with a holographic top coat that I’ll show you a bit later (it deserves perfect photos !). Pixie also surprised me with a beautiful nail polish ring – I am definitely going to be ordering some more, I love having jewellery that matches my manis !

A bit of serious stuff here (this is already in Pixie’s profile), Pixie suffers from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and 25% of Pixie Polish proceeds go to JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Association and other causes  – so you can feel good about buying them ! The bottles are recycled (after being autoclaved), and you can get some really unique combinations from this shop, because Pixie studied light sceince, technology, cosmetic chemistry, minerals and pigments… Pretty high brow !

I think I’ve made you wait long enough for the photos, so let’s get down to business. Memory Splice is seriously holographic, here’s what it looks like in the bottle under natural and incandescent light :

Pixie Polish - Memory Splice Bottle

It dries pretty quickly, and I found that 3 thin coats is perfectly opaque. I don’t know if you’re supposed to, but I added a top coat, and found that this made it sparkle even more !

Most of the holo effect is copper to green, but under the right lighting, you can get flashes of bright blue or even red ! When I was wearing this polish, I would watch my nails shift as I moved around the flat, and I have a couple of bruises from tripping over the cat and/or banging into objects…

Pixie Polish - Memory Splice (Halogen) Pixie Polish - Memory Splice (Natural/Incandescent)

My boss even commented that she liked this one – she usually doesn’t (on principle, I think). And, although the ring isn’t made with exactly the same polish, I think it goes perfectly together :

Pixie Polish - Memory Splice (Halogen lighting)

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9 thoughts on “Pixie Polish – Memory Splice

  1. What a unique shaped bottle! Great polish 😀

  2. Sophie Lewis says:

    Love how much it sparkles! I’m running a necklace giveaway on my website if you fancy entering! x Happy easter! http://sapphire-city.com/2013/03/29/love-bullets-necklace-giveaway/

  3. Pixie Bruner says:

    Please use coupon code “10OFF” at Etsy checkout for 10% off all orders please! Thanks for the lovely honest review! It is a linear holo and my linears LOVE topcoat, they are different that way:)

  4. How did I miss this post? This is gorgeous!

  5. […] ordered Pixie’s Linear Holographic Top Coat way back in March with Memory Splice. Dispatch took a little while, because Pixie doesn’t keep a big stock of pre-made polish. But […]

  6. […] Ruffian top is in Pixie Polish Memory Splice. That’s an awesome holographic duochrome, which shifts a pinkish copper to green in the […]

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