Piper Polish – Night Fall & Melon Balla


Happy Easter ! I hope that everyone has Friday off, here in France we have to work 😦

I have two Piper Polish shades to show you this evening – Night Fall and Melon Balla.

I ordered these a while ago, but I guess they got checked by the import people or something, because they took a while to arrive. Still, all’s well that ends well and they got here safe and sound 🙂

Night Fall is a cool gun-metal metallic grey. There is a smattering of blue to pink colour shift in the shimmer, very hard to photo !

This is just one coat. The formula was thicker than I am comfortable with, but okay. I added a bit of thinner after these swatches, and now it’s just perfect 🙂

It’s a pretty handy colour to have in my stash – good for any season !

Piper Polish - Night Fall


I picked up Melon Balla because I’m a bit obsessed with finding the perfect apricot shade for spring !

This is a pretty original colour, the shimmer is a delicate purple. That’s not a colour combo I’ve seen before. The particles were a little larger and grittier than I expected, but the formula was about the right consistency for me, and it actually evens out very well. This is just 2 coats, as you can see, it is fairly smooth, even without top coat! I do love the almost-matte finish.

Piper Polish - Melon Balla


One thing I would say about these polishes is that they start to set very fast. I strongly recommend that you go for several thin coats and let the polish auto-level – overworking it will not end well – see my ring finger if you don’t believe me !


I also picked up the Piper Polish Spectraflair Top Coat – swatches coming soon !


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One thought on “Piper Polish – Night Fall & Melon Balla

  1. […] love floral manis, especially in the spring ! This was a great excuse to get Melon Balla (Piper Polish) out, and I dotted some daisies on it to make the flowers. Back when I swatches Melon […]

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