Black Sheep Lacquer Swatches – Lateralus & Falling Sky – PHOTO HEAVY !

I heard about Black Sheep Lacquer through the Indie Blogathon at Mommy Loves Nail Polish. And I’m so glad I did!

I’ve not ordered from a Canada-based store before, so I just ordered 2 polishes to test, in case shipping became a problem. Actually, they came through very fast – in just 6 days ! Now, I can order something from 50 yards down the road and it can take 3 weeks to be delivered, so I was pretty impressed!

There was something on the Etsy store about a free mini polish with any order of 2 full-sized, but I wasn’t sure if this was valid, so I left a note to surprise me, and Erin, at Black Sheep Lacquer certainly did ! She included a free mini of Falling Sky. Which is so totally my kinda polish, she got that one spot on ! There are a lot of indie sellers out there, and for me, the difference is in the detail. I have never tried an indie polish I didn’t like, but I do really appreciate the personal touches; that’s what makes it more interesting than ordering from a big brand ! Erin doesn’t disappoint on this front. She has a blog, if you’d like to check that out, but how she finds the time, I don’t know – because every one of the polishes was packaged in the most darling way –  that must take forever ! They were all swirled up in stripy paper, tied off  like little sweets. So cute ! This is clearly a lady that is passionate about what she does 🙂

I’m afraid I’m about to photo-spam you about the first polish! Not only is it gorgeous, but I was surprised to see that my photos came out great – so bear with me !


Lateralus is a linear holographic top coat. Here’s two coats over Butter London‘s Blagger (the best blue creme in the world, btw) :

DSC03442 DSC03432 DSC03433 DSC03435 DSC03436 DSC03440


So, this isn’t a holo that blasts you in the eye. There are delicate peach, green, silver and pinky tones in there. Pairing it with a dark colour is fine, but to get the best out of it, I put it over a caramel-peach neutral that goes by the name of Tea with the Queen (also Butter London) – bear with me, there are a lot more photos to come, I loved this so much! I put it on in the evening and so didn’t see much of the colour, but spent the whole day after gazing at it. And rushed home to get these photos for you !

Again, this is two coats (I could have stopped at one, but wanted to double the fun !)

Halogen DSC03452 DSC03454 Sunlight DSC03461


I haven’t loved a polish so much since my Darling Diva swatches – and that is a lot, I must say ! I just love how perfect this one is for spring, and it’s office-friendly too !

And here’s Falling Sk– I didn’t get as many great photos, but you can see what it’s like. This is 3 coats, the matte black stars were a little fiddly, but I think that is more to do with the small size of the bottle than the formula, which was silky smooth. The particles are a little larger than Lateralus, but the colours are very similar – I can only guess, but I imagine it’s the same pigment & suspension. Anyway, I first swatched this over black – don’t ask me why – but obviously, it is much  better over a colour other than black ! Here it is over Blagger again :


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8 thoughts on “Black Sheep Lacquer Swatches – Lateralus & Falling Sky – PHOTO HEAVY !

  1. AHMAZINGGG! Gotta love Erin’s creations ha!

  2. Oh wow!! Your pictures are fantastic! Thanks so much for the review, you awesome! 🙂

  3. Xin Yu says:

    Love Lateralus! Still waiting excitedly for the polishes I won to arrive though.. I’ve heard that to ship to Singapore can take 2 weeks or more so..):

  4. […] so I just asked her to surprise me. And I was so happy to get holos both times ! First time it was Falling Sky, this time I got (I think) Poke Me Pink. I say I think, because I found it to be a lot more sheer […]

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